potato puri

READY IN: 30mins
Recipe by vimala mudigonda

It is easy to prepare,no need of any khurma or curry preparation,because spices are already added. My family like them to eat as evening tiffin!. Actually it is my fantasy recipe.

Top Review by Charishma_Ramchanda

This is GREAT! I made these this evening. The only mistake I made was add a little too much of water while kneading this, due to which I had to keep adding both the flours in the ratio mentioned in the recipe. I added 1/4 cup wheat flour plus a handful more of it and 1 cup of maida(all purpose flour). Also, since I had alot of cooking to do, I kept this aside to ferment for 1 hour instead of half. I got a total of 16 puris. One important thing one must take care of while making these puris is their SIZE. I made some big and some small, but when I was at the end, I discovered that the ideal size of these is with a diameter of 2 inches and NOT more. Unfortunately, I made some puris with diameters like 5 or 6 inches in size which is a mistake I wont repeat, I'd swear by that! This recipe is time consuming, but well worth the effort. Your family is so lucky to get these in their tiffin! :)

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  1. Dissolve yeast in 1tsp water.
  2. Mix twoflours,salt,ajwain together.
  3. Mix dissolved yeast and yoghurt and add to the flour.
  4. Add mashed potatoes,coriander,sesame seeds,green chilli,ginger,mint one by one.
  5. Knead thoroughly all ingredients to fine&soft dough.
  6. Cover the dough with a musline cloth,let it ferment for ½ hour or the dough should be double sized.
  7. Knead again without any lumps and make puris.
  8. Roll them little thicker than normal puris.
  9. Otherwise they can not get puffness.
  10. Deep fry to golden brown colour&serve hot with coconut chutney (raita) or any other raita Knead again.

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