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Great! Was pleasantly surprised. I am an avid cook, however have never cooked pumpkin. Never cared for pumpkin pie much. Liked all the ingredients in this recipe (primarily no sugar), so tried it. Don't know if there was a problem with my computer or what, but the measurements were a little confusing to me. Maybe this will help others with the same problem...I'm used to cup measurements or item counts. The lbs. and ozs. threw me off a little and then I had no idea what 180c for oven temp. was. (I suppose I could have looked it up)but I guessed. I used 2 large baking potatoes and 1 medium sized sugar pumpkin. And used the normal 350 degree oven for casseroles and it turned out perfect. The rest of the recipe stayed the same. I will probably cook this for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas. Should taste great with turkey. I am also going to use this recipe with winter squash instead of pumpkin. I can't wait!

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southern_gal12000 October 28, 2002

Jan, your recipes are always good and this was no exception. This tasted great! In an effort to reduce the fat I left out the oil and used dried onion (didn't have any onions anyway), removed two of the egg yolks and reduced the amount of cheese a little. I used home made herb bread for the breadcrumbs which was really nice. This did taste like something from a cafe but even better! Made a fantastic lunch. Thank you for another keeper!

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dale! August 12, 2002

As always, your recipes are delicious and easily followed. I've been introducing my son ( he's 11 )too the wonders of cooking and this was his second attempt at making dinner for the family. Using your recipe, he was able to make a delicious and simple recipe which really boosted his self esteem in the kitchen. Thanks for sharing

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Tanika Amaranth March 03, 2007
Potato, Pumpkin and Ham Bake