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This is total comfort food! This was a major hit with my husband, the cheese melted on top made it very good! Thanks!!

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JerriLea August 30, 2002

I used real stuffed polish sausage that I got at my grocery store (not Kielbassa), and this recipe just didn't work for me. Perhaps if the sausage was removed from the casing it would have been better, but I felt like I was chewing elastic bands. Was it supposed to be a stew? Maybe it should be finished in the oven, uncovered, to let the broth reduce? I love cheese of all kinds, but this was an indignity to cheddar! It curdled when left to simmer. I used slightly less water, fresh basil, a bit of beef boullion and red pepper flakes, but nothing could help this loser. Now I have to send my husband to work with it, since I didn't have a back-up plan :( Sorry for the bad review.

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Cynsav October 10, 2002

We LOVED this! Thank you so much for letting us in on this one! DH usually hates new recipes but he really enjoyed this and wants it alot more often. Needless to say-no left overs!

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Jeniferbz April 03, 2003

This was wonderful. I used green and red pepper and co-jack cheese and I didn't use any water at all. It was easy to make and that is always a bonus. This is a keeper, as my husband says. Thanks!

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Shermm April 01, 2003

This was very yumpy. It was a nice quick supper for a busy weeknight. I used a smoked sausage, a yellow pepper (the kids won't eat green ones!) and a sharp cheddar cheese for the top. It was very good. Thanks for sharing this one!

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Sassy Sandra February 19, 2003

Great taste. I did reduce the amount of water and I also topped it with Shredded sharp cheddar. Excellent taste. Another hit at my house.

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Jacki W. January 04, 2003

I made this but maybe I did something wrong because I couldnt understand the water after you browned everything in a pan, it just drowned everything and was very watery, I followed the directions exactly. After I drained it it was good but I just didnt understand what the water was for. It was still good though. Thanks!

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kellbell5872 September 20, 2002

I'm only giving 3 stars for this because although it was tasty, it wasn't an overwhelming hit, AND the recipe directions are not very good. For one thing, the time to make - 28 minutes is a complete fallacy. The recipe says to add all the ingredients and brown the potatoes - it doesn't give any clue of how long it will take, but I can tell you that I sautéed the potatoes for over 10 minutes, and they still were not brown. At this point, I was up to 15-20 minutes of prep (all the chopping) and cook time. I added the other ingredients (I used chicken stock as some other reviewers suggested, unfortunately, I did not read the review that said the recipe had too much liquid, and I added a hole can - 14oz - of stock). It then took another 5 minutes to bring to a boil. I set the timer for 5 minutes so I could uncover and stir. When I checked after 5 minutes, now down to low, it didn't seem like the potatoes would cook. After 10 minutes, turned the heat back up. When the 20 minutes were done, the potatoes had finally softened (I used red bliss), but, there was a lot of liquid left so I left the lid off and let it simmer another 10 minutes. If you are keeping track, we are up to 55 minutes. I finally added the cheese, and that seemed to make the liquid into more of a sauce, and the result was pretty good - very tasty, it reminded me of sausage and peppers that I make, and I ended up sopping up some of the gravy with bread - so very carb heavy meal. I wish I could figure out a good vegetable to have with it (besides a salad).

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WorkingMom2three May 30, 2014

Love this meal!! I changed a few things, i used beef stock instead of chicken, 6 slices of bacon (i had alot of potato and kielbasa) and when it was just about done i added 2 tbs of bbq sauce stirred it in and then added the cheese. It was awesome!!! :)

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lizziek09 May 11, 2011

This was crazy good! The only reason I did not give it a full 5 stars is because what I actually made differed from this recipe. I put 1 carrot in the food processor and added it to the onions and poured 1/3 cup of chicken broth instead of water to the mix along with a can of seasoned french style green beans to make it a complete meal. I topped it with chives and lot of shredded mild chedder cheese. We LOVED it!!!!!

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Plumshadow October 22, 2009
Potato Kielbasa Skillet