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I learned how to make these kind of potato dumplings (raw grated potatoes) from my mother, who was from Norwegian heritage. She dropped them in split pea soup to cook; they were done when they floated to the top. She also called them respakaka (not sure of the spelling). They were served with the soup, with melted butter on top! I'm glad to know that others have experienced these dumplings. I've made split pea soup with respakakas for as long as I've cooked. My family and friends look forward to them!

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dmmaier November 05, 2011

I am shocked and dismayed to see this recipe. I am in my 40’s and this is a recipe that my German Grandmother uses to make when I was a child. They are so delicious, my grandmother use to drop them in to a chicken based soup, she called them rusp-a-kaka, I do not know how she spelled it but that is fanatically what it sounds like. I remember begging her to make these when we would go visit. My mother never made these but one year I searched my memory bank because I always watched her. This is almost exactly what I did other then the flour I just added enough until they stuck together and that might have been how much I used. Plus no caraway seeds, and that may have been because my grandpa had false teeth At any rate I am happy to see that someone else has enjoyed these potato dumplings as much as I have. Thanks for sharing a memory

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LB in Middle Georgia December 17, 2008

Delicious, this is same recipe, mother, grandmother used, we are Swedish, German and Norwegian descent, used with ham

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Anonymous September 27, 2015
Potato Dumplings