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The flavors of the potato and cucumber recipes were very good separately, but I didn't get the combination even after tasting it. I do like the versatility of the potato recipe... lots of options. Make sure you REALLY grease the pans though... mine still stuck and ruined the overall effect. I'll make this recipe again, but separately. Thanks!

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kimberlietx March 21, 2011

i thought these were going to be awesome! But alas, they were not a hit in my house. I admit even i didnt like them. The taste was... well, bland. I gave three stars because i think that they can be improved upon... maybe add some Ranch dressing to the mix, omit the nutmeg and parmesan cheese, and use some shredded cheddar or monterey jack instead... Naxt time i make them ill deff be making these changes... ANOTHER thing i noted was the similarity to a jewish or passover recipe called Kugel... kugel involves eggs, and WAY MORE onions... maybe another hint...

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HappyFlour66 March 09, 2011

Yummy recipe, I was at work when Hubby (DH) gave it to Little Miss (DD) for dinner and apparently she ate two, including her other dinner (meat and veggies, which is a lot for a three year old). Hubby served them with a Lamb Crockpot and vegetables but I took the potato cups to work as listed on the recipe (with the cucumbers). The only thing I changes was I used red onion and grounded nutmeg not freshly grated. Very versatile recipe that could be eaten as a snack, entree or a side vegetable for a meat dish. You could even take it on a picnic and eat them cold. Thank you kiwidutch

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Chef floWer March 25, 2007

I gave five stars based on the muffin tin idea. I didn't make the cucumber part and I used jalapenos, onion, red bell, garlic granules, salt and pepper instead of nutmeg, ect. They came out very crispy and tasty. Thanks Kiwidutch for the great idea!

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Mean Bean March 25, 2011

Personally I didn't think "bland" was the trouble with mine. I did add green peppers to my portion.I also replaced the parmesan in MY half with nutritional yeast (to make them vegan) Left Fiance's portion to recipe. I think you could spice these any way you'd like to. My problem was that they were rather soft and gooey in the center. I was expecting a crispy potato cake. Which it was on the outside. I would suggest squeezing as much moisture out of your potatoes as you can! They may have been the problem.

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Nikoma April 01, 2011

Huge hit in this home. I omitted the nutmeg and added sprinkle of garlic powder, about 1/3 Cup of Shredded Cheddar Cheese, also used Good Reggiano Parmesan cheese. Packed with flavor. Don't think I'll ever use a fry pan again for hash browns. Thanks for sharing. A keeper.

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Cathey56 March 26, 2011

Making these in a muffin tin is such a clever serving idea. Perfectly portioned and look absolutely beautiful. Sort of an elegant hashbrown. I used ground nutmeg since that is what I had on hand and it really gave a nice flavor to the potatoes. Never would have thought to put cucumbers and potatoes together, but the flavors made a nice contrast. Thanks for sharing, kiwi! Made for World Tour, '07.

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little_wing May 29, 2007

We enjoyed this recipe, however they didn't cook right through in my oven. I will try them again with a higher heat or a longer cook time. Mine did not stick to the pan like other reviewers, but that may be because they didn't cook through. I left off the cucumber element because I did not have any on hand. This was an easy recipe that may look impressive when done correctly. Thanks for posting.

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Eldeevee November 09, 2011

I did not make the cucumbers. But I used a half bag of frozen hasbrowns. added the seasonings and cheese. pressed into the muffin tins and baked.
but it seems i didnt add enough seasoning because as others state it is bland.I think that maybe adding more seasoning and after pressing in the tin add a pat of butter on top to cook down into the potato. also after I popped out the cups I placed some fresh mozzarella (buffalo mozzarella) on top (which is now the bottom of the cup) and broiled it until the cheese got soft. this was a nice add on, I did it because I needed to use it up.
I like the idea of cooking hashbrowns this way, you could add ham, cheddar, season salt etc for breakfasts and would be way easier to cook for a crowd that way each person could get what they wanted in their hashbrowns

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Shawn C October 06, 2011

This review is only for the potato cups. I made these for breakfast this morning as a side with eggs and turkey sausage. They were delicious. The flavors blended together nicely, and DH raved about them and wants them again soon. I used frozen potatoes and let them sit/thaw for the amount of time it took to dice the onion and shred the Parmesan. I used fresh Parmesan but didn't have fresh nutmeg - I just used the Tone's Spice. I also didn't use butter but sprayed the muffin tins with butter flavored Pam. Last - I sprayed the muffin tops with the Pam and seasoned with a little more salt/pepper. Crunchy and Delicious!

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lindsey_bb May 28, 2011
Potato Cups in Muffin Tins( Irish )