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I made this dish for lunch today, and it is sooooooo DELISH! I did make a few changes to see if I could get the crust to adhere to the fish. Here is what I did. I used 3/4 lb. salmon instead of the snapper fillets. Used 1/2 c. fat free half and half and 1 tsp. apple cider vinegar in place of the buttermilk, as that is what I had on hand. I added an egg to the half and half mixture, to help the flakes to adhere to the fish, and it worked GREAT! I used the chopped garlic in the jar instead of fresh garlic. I used 1/2 c. of potato flakes instead of 3/4 c. as, I was only making one lg. fillet. I used 3 T. butter, as I was afraid the fish was going to stick with just 1 T. I fried each side of the salmon about 5 mins. (I initially melted the butter with med-high heat, then turned it down so the fish wouldn't cook too fast and burn.) Please bare in mind that the salmon I used was about 1" thick in the middle, so cook yours accordingly. I am going to post pics, so you can see for yourself how it came out.. PERFECT :) I will definately make this again... It was WONDERFUL! I hope you try it Derf!

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Linda's Busy Kitchen August 31, 2007

Finally got to try this, had it for supper tonight, the red snapper was delicious, the potato crust was not. The crust stuck to the frypan, didn't hurt the snapper. Maybe someone else will have better luck making the crust stick to the fish. Crust did turn golden, I scrapped the pan and we ate it anyway(tasted good). So if you try it, please comment, would like to know how to make crust stick to snapper.Actually the taste was very good!!

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Derf January 24, 2002
Potato Crusted Snapper