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it won't be fair to add a rating, since i have not tried the core of the recipe which is the croquettes - but just a note to say the saffron aioli is very good. we enjoyed it with a more indianised version of potato croquettes, and it just made the dish.

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eatrealfood February 26, 2005

Talk about Comfort food! This is it and a step higher! The Aioli is wonderful. I just couldn`t use just 8 saffron threads I used a good big pinch. Skipped the tomato paste just didn`t want to open a can for a 1/4 teaspoon. Added 1 very small onion the size of a shallot. Followed the rest of the directions. When taken out of the refrigerator it was speckled with orange spots. I just gave it a mix. It was the saffron releasing it`s color. I added 2 tablespoons of the aioli to the potatoes along with the rest of the ingredients. It did need more bread crumbs then called for. The herbs I was very generous with I may have used twice the amount. These are very addictive! Thet had a crunchy crust and a creamy center. My Husband and I ate almost all of them. They were great dipped into the creamy rich aioli. Enjoy my picture.I tried to give a step by step of the recipe. Sandy, Wonderful!

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Rita~ December 26, 2004
Potato Croquettes With Saffron Aioli