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These cookies intrigue me. First of all i added about 8 ounces of crushed ruffle chips.. and 4 ounces semi sweet choc chips. When i first tasted the dough, i didnt think i liked the nutmeg. I used a cookie scoop and baked them without switching for 12 minutes (perfect) and as said they turn out very thin and flat. But this turned out to make them crisp on the outside and soft and REALLY good in the middle. And after they were baked i found that i do like the nutmeg, although i would like to try it without out. It gives them almost a bit of a toffee hint in them ? however weird this was this recipe turned out to be VERY goood !

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Baker #831774 May 15, 2010

Interesting recipe. We made the mistake of making these way too big. We'll know to scoop less batter next time! We also used less chocolate chips that the recipe called for. We thought they were too many.

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May I Have That Recipe December 02, 2014

Interesting cookie. Very crisp, which I don't mind. I was only able to use 1 1/2 cups of chocolate chips and I assumed the directions meant 6 cups of whole potato chips before crushing. I used Ms Vickie's, which are my favorite. :)

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Lori Mama June 17, 2009
Potato Chip Chocolate Chip Cookies