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Barbara, had to come back again and change my review!! Strangest thing happened, we tried the scones hot from the oven, they seemed very heavy and to be honest we were not too impressed, but the taste was good and I had to cook them for a good 20 minutes. In any case, I put them on the table at dinner, cold, with butter on the side. Strangest thing they had improved considerably!! It was almost like they had not finished cooking when we tried them earlier, now they were not nearly as heavy, so I guess it boils down to letting them sit awhile and cool down. Funny Have never had this happen to scones before, we have always eaten them almost right out of the oven. Soo in the end DH said they were a 5 at supper and i should go back and change the first review. Thanks again for sharing, I will do them again, may even go buy some poppy seeds!!

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Derf April 06, 2003
Potato Cheddar Scones