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My daughter saw Paula make this on TV while recovering from childbirth, and called to ask me to make it for her. It is one of the best things ever. To prepare, I baked 6 large baking potatoes, taking four of them out of the oven when they still had a bit of resistance to them when poked with a fork. The other two I baked thoroughly, cut in half, and scooped them out, mashing with some milk and salt. I peeled the other almost done potatoes and cut into thick slices. I also didn't mix up the house seasoning, rather sprinkling with each seasoning separately. I'll be making these again for Sunday brunch. They may be a coronary in a casserole, but heck....once or twice a year? It wouldn't be a good life without such wonderfully sinful treats now and again!

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Vina December 18, 2006
Potato Casserole