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Prep 45 mins
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When I searched for potato candy on here, all that came up were recipes with coconut. this just has peanut butter. I got it from my best friend's mom. it's VERY sweet, so it's best to eat in moderation.

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  1. Peed the potato and boil the potato until it is soft. Remove from water.
  2. Using a mixer, mash the potato.
  3. Slowly start adding the confectioner's sugar and vanilla. Do not add all of the sugar at once.
  4. Once the mixture becomes dough-like, roll thinly on waxed paper dusted with more confectioner's sugar.
  5. Spread the peanut butter onto the white thin dough, being careful not to go too far on the edges.
  6. Roll up the sheet carefully, like a jelly roll. If the sheet is too large, cut it into sections to work with individually.
  7. After it's rolled up, cut into small pieces.
  8. Put these on the side, peanut butter showing and sprinkle cinnamon and/or nutmeg on them.
  9. These are ready to eat, but are better (and the peanut butter doesn't melt) if they're put in the fridge.


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Cara, for many years I have been searching for the EXACT version of this recipe that my mother used to make when I was a little girl. I used to BEG her to make this childhood treat time and time again (as well as Snow Ice Cream and Mom was very particular about using only FRESH snow for that one!) I've seen many versions of potato candy but never quite like my mother's - until now. This is IT! This is exactly how she made it, even to the rolling up of the dough and spreading peanut butter on it. Yes, it was very sweet, so Mom served us the slices in small portions and how I loved them! I watched her make this so many times when I was a child and now I am absolutely thrilled to have found this recipe finally after FIFTY years! I can't thank you enough for posting it! Nancy

Nana-Banana April 15, 2008

I made this for my grandfather's birthday, as it is one of his favorites. I didn't add the cinnamon or nutmeg, but it turned out wonderful. Don't panic when the potato liquifies when you start adding the sugar. It will soon get very thick. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

vdub322 December 20, 2008

Thanks, Cara for posting this. I love Potato Candy but don't like coconut, so I was thrilled to find this. I skipped the nutmeg (personal preference) when I made it, but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. You're right! It is VERY sweet, but I made tiny servings and they are very tasty. Great recipe and very easy - I'll definitely make it again. It will be in my holiday gifting recipes!

GrammaJeanne January 16, 2008

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