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I sooo love this recipe. It does take a long time at first,but I'm getting faster everytime I make it. :) I add more cheese & dill.

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tammyzemail December 18, 2009

This was amazing! Next time I'm going to try it with a little more cheese and Panko breadcrumbs instead of plain breadcrumbs. I think that will make the cakes a little more authentic.

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DGatscher September 10, 2009

My boyfriend and I have been ordering these at the restaurant every time we go to eat, he can't get enough of them. I found this recipe and was excited to try it. It wasn't hard to follow, just a bit time consuming and like someone else said, I would probably make the potato mix in advance. Next time I would also double the amount of cheese, I think that will help it bind better, and I love cheese. I used a hamburger press to make the patties and that helped keep them together. As for the dip, it's not quite how the restaurant serves it, but it's decent. I'm still trying to figure out what it's missing, maybe ketchup? If you figure it out, please help. Overall, I will make this again for my boyfriend who ate 4 right after I fried them.

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kadriano15 July 04, 2009

These were fantastic. I love the claim jumper cakes, but these are just as good. I didn't have any cilantro so I skipped it and I have to say, I had to boil my potatoes a bit longer than 25 minutes. I would say to boil them until fork tender. I made these on short notice today, but I would make them advance next time knowing I can just refridgerate most of the ingredients until it's time to fry them up. OH- I used regular vegetable oil to fry them up. YUMMMMMM!

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sarahdesautels March 04, 2008

From a devout 'claim jumper cheese potato cake fan'.... I was so very happy to have found this recipe. I loved it and guess what?... I will never have to visit another Claim Jumper in my life again... since the only reason I went was for the cheese potato cakes! Thanks for the recipe!!!! YYUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMM !!

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studentcleaner December 31, 2006

wow! Do not understand the negative review. These taste just like the original. A big hit with my family!

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mshipley May 16, 2006

I made this recipe after reading a thread concerning it. I followed the directions exactly concerning the mashing of potatoes. I did not have the troubles mentioned in the review by Anke R. There is a difference in potatoes and the amount of water they absorb during cooking. Perhaps her potatoes were a bit over done. I imagine that adding an egg to the potato mixture if you think it is too crumbly would make it perfect. All in all this is a great recipe.

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Judedeva April 25, 2005

Well, this was a disappointment. I followed all the instructions (though since they already didn't hold together well then, I put them in the fridge before putting them into breading), but once I put the cakes in the eggmixture, most of them broke into bits, so putting them in breadcrumbs and the egg and the breadcrumbs again is far too much handling. So I dropped one step of breadcrumbs. Inspite of leaving them again in the fridge during the frying process, most of them dissolved again and soaked up a lot of fat. I drained them on a paper cloth and served the pancakes with the salsa (not very convincing taste either, I'd definetely leave out the vinegar- it makes it far too sour). I hoped that the taste would at least make up for all the pains I went through, but honestly I really didn't think it was worth it. Too fatty. Considering the time spent and result obtained, I'm really sorry, but I had better results with spending less time in the kitchen ( a less messy kitchen too). When I read the ingredients list, I really thought this might be sth really nice, but as I made this it just wasn't near to what it suggested. It also smelled good during the frying, but unfortunately the taste wasn't anywhere near the smell.

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Anke R November 16, 2004
Potato Cakes