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I followed this recipe exactly, and it didn't come out at all. Let me break it down: 1) There was no specification of HOW thin to cut the potatoes and squash. It just said "thin." I used a mandolin since I didn't know. 2) I pre-boiled the veggies exactly as stated. They turned into MUSH after boiling; the veggies lost all shape and looked more like smashed potatoes. This step should either be skipped, or use thicker slices if you're going to do it. Recipe poster, clarification of thickness of the slices would be helpful. 3) There seems to be too much sauce for the amount of veggies and cheese. Even after baking it wasn't absorbed properly and was too "soupy." This is probably because the veggies weren't able to absorb the liquid given their post-boiled state, and the starch had been boiled out of the potatoes. 4) The sauce is BLAND. Not enough salt/seasoning. 5) The whole dish is bland! Not enough salt/seasoning. Maybe not enough cheese? The gruyere was lost in the mess. It wasn't so bad that I took a bite and wanted to vomit or something, but nothing about it tasted good. A total waste of my time and $.

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velvetfolks November 22, 2015
Potato-Butternut Squash-and-Gruyere Gratin