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hey my whole family loved this one, including a teenager who doesn't normally like vegetables, and doesn't eat soup in general, prefering to eat maccas or KFC. Give it a try, oh and i tried it with vegie stock, the kind u get in a big tetra pack, as i thought my partners vegitarian daughter might have been having some. It was very nice.

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taillessoztriestocook October 01, 2006

Tried today, had some potatoes & zuchinni to use up...didnt have cream so I used my fat free milk and a handful of white cheddar cheese that I had leftover, and some grated parm at the end to try to thicken it up. Also some parsley...came out super yummy, simple, and had a nice flavor!

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ANSMommy June 02, 2010
Potato and Zucchini Soup