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I give you full marks for this recipe but I did take the liberty of using my regular omelet mix (2eggs, 1/4 cup milk, 2 tbsp flour, 3 tbsp sour cream or cottage cheese). Followed your recipe and browned the potaoes until golden, turned heat down to medium (between 6 & 7 on my electric stove) poured in the eggs, covered with a lid let it sit and just before it is ready added the grated cheese, put the lid back on. In exactly 5 minutes it is ready cooked on top and golden on the bottom. Really enjoyed my brunch Thanks evelyn — May 18, 2003, 1 member found this helpful Added comments - I made this again following the recipe exactly - equally as good but the omelet is not as fluffy

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Bergy May 14, 2006

I've made this quit a few times already and always forget to leave a review. The first time I made it, we thought it was good but a little bland for our tastes. But I LOVE the additions of potatoes!! Now I add diced onions to the taters and season. I also add fresh chives to the egg mixture then I top off with tomatoes. Then add chives and a lil tomato to the top of the finished omelette. I also make a mexican version. Thanks for a different twist for omelettes. :)

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Linajjac July 05, 2008

Well I made this for my two kids this morning. Because I doubled the recipe I didn't bother folding it over. I added some sliced chili peppers. They both said to give it five stars. Thanks for a good one!

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LizAnn October 20, 2007

Evelyn, I never should have doubted you.. What a great combo! I had this for breakfast this morning and the hardest bit was step 9. Really easy directions, really tasty result.. Thanks

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Sassy Syrah March 03, 2004
Potato and Cheese Omelette