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Mrs. G thank you for such a wonderful pot roast dinner. I had a 3lb roast and cooked it as instructed for the 1 hour. It turned out moist and tender, falling off the bone and flavorful my DH went back for seconds...Only change I made was to add 1 tblsp of brown sugar. I also added carrots and red potatoes to the last 20mins of cooking time. UPNOTE: To the poster SCORPIO.....Not every recipe posted on Zaar works for everyone so just state that in your reviews instead of being mean and nasty.

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SueVM November 30, 2008

This was my first attempt at pressure cooking. This was an excellent recipe; thank you! I did use all beef broth (no water), cut the sugar & tomato paste in half (diabetic) and bumped up the vinegar just a little bit. I also added potato, carrot and celery. I thought they might be hammer from the cooking process, but they turned out just fine. Thanks again!

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McNealman345 October 22, 2012

I also added carrots and potatoes during the last 20 minutes. Also added water and broth before sealing pressure cooker. Thanks for taking your time to post recipe. Family loved it. Scorpio post is out of line. This is obviously not a traditional roast recipe. It is however, very tasty.

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Frank98 January 17, 2012

I had no tomato paste, so in went a can of stewed tomatoes and I bumped the sugar a wee bit. Totally forgot about the garlic(!) and lemon juice. No water, just a full can of beef soup stock. Doubled the paprika as I think mine is a wee bit old and skipped the parsley (didn't have any). Added in three carrots (about 2.5' worth) along with the spices and meat before sealing it all in. Cooked the three pounds of chuck steaks (two in all) in my 5qt Futura for an hour. HEAVENLY! I made (lumpy) gravy with the juices in the pan. And served it with baked potatoes. My fussy eaters gobbled it up.

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Number Six November 09, 2009

I wish I could have given this recipe a better rating but the lemon juice and cider vinegar took away from it. Instead, just add more broth and water. I also use A1 steak sauce instead of worcestershire and add a little ketchup too. Then it tasted much like what my Mom used to make but a little better than hers(*****). Mom didn't use too much in the way of various seaonsings, sorry Mom. I'm about to make it again now and will try adding some fresh sage I need to use up and see how that works.

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wingerone February 13, 2009

Oh My !! This is NOT your mother's pot roast and thank goodness or she wouldn't have stayed married for very long to your dad. It tasted like it was cooked in Bar B Q sauce, and needed salt. Sorry I wasted a 3 pound roast. It wasn't what I was looking for. UPNOTE : It was tender and fed in the disposal nicely !

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Scorpio24 November 11, 2008

Really tasted wonderful- and so easy and quick. I followed the recipe exactly . Thanks for this wonderful, tasty recipe.

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petlover March 06, 2008

This made a delicious sauce and a yummy meal. 5 stars for ease and flavor. The meat was VERY moist. I had to take a star off because of cooking time. I had a 4 lb pot roast in a Presto (8qt?) pressure cooker and after cooking it for 1hr15 minutes (including depressurizing), the center was still tough and the outside needed a bit more. Plus, the sauce was concentrated on the bottom side of the pot roast. I had good results cutting the mostly-roasted meat into 8 chunks (cutting in half 3 times) so the meat was immersed in the sauce and cooking an additional 30-45 minutes. This loosened up the connective tissue very well. Note, this step may be my fault. I did put 4 Russett potatoes (halved) in and these may have slowed the pot roast's cooking time. Pressure cooking a pot roast seems pretty darn forgiving so a little extra time doesn't hurt.

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chongare February 25, 2008
Pot Roast - Pressure Cooker