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The temperature used in this recipe seems unsafe. It is much lower than a low slow cook and could promote bacteria growth.

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Dayle Hodakievic November 08, 2011

My partner and I received a WP rice cooker as a gift and wanted to try it out as a slow cooker. We found this recipe and figured we'd give it a go.

First, Ms. Lee's model of cooker must not have shut off after 12 hours into cooking (fortunately, we caught that). So, if you try this recipe, be sure you are around to keep an eye on it, or you may have an extremely unpleasant surprise.

After 25 hours of cooking, the 3.5lb roast we used was still somewhat tough. I put it in a 300F oven in a covered baking dish with some of the liquid halfway up for an additional 30 minutes, which made it tender like a pot roast should be.

Next, the flavors just didn't come together. The garlic kind of overwhelmed it (even though I am a huge garlic lover, it was a bit much for a pot roast). And, the celery pretty much cooked out of existence, leaving just the potatoes, carrots and surviving onion and garlic...rather skimpy veggies for a pot roast.

One good thing: The amount of cooking liquid is way more than needed, but I am freezing the extra to use as beef stock for other recipes.

Unfortunately, I have to say this just isn't a keeper. My grandmother's tried-and-true oven pot roast recipe that I have made for the last 40 years takes just 3-4 hours from prep to table (or 8 hours for the slow cooker version), and friends beg me to make enough so they can take some home after.

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FoodzillaBear June 05, 2011
Pot Roast in Rice Cooker