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I browned the roast, then added all the ingredients plus a few potato chunks. This was cooking all day while I was gone. I came home to the most delicious dinner! It sure was easy, and we loved the flavor. I thought the beer taste might be too strong...not a bit!! Made a salad and we were eating in no time. Thanks for the recipe Rita!

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MizzNezz December 21, 2002

This dish is lovely and so flavorful. I cooked it in my Dutch oven for the recommended time, and the meat was so tender. I also added 2 potatoes, halved and cut in wedges. This was a delightful meal, and we will be enjoying this one again. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

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Miss Annie January 10, 2003

this recipe was great! i've been trying for years to make a tender roast, i fail where others have succedded all the time! (even in a slow cooker!) However, this recipe is perfect, restaurant quality! The only thing I did different was add a couple of beef boillon cubes to the pot before sticking it in the oven, and it was delicious. Such a sinch to make too, it was ready in minutes to go in the oven, and i couldn't have been happier when taking it out. thank you so much!

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valariewhalen November 29, 2006

Absolutely AMAZING! I was a little concerned about the beer taking over the taste, but it did not. It was very simple to make, very tender, and I have already forwarded the recipe to others! Thanks so much for posting, it's a keeper.

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Mymzi August 02, 2011

This was just incredible! I made it last week for St Patty's and I'm making it again tonight. I've omitted the mushrooms and peppers both times due to personal preference and allergies. The meat is unbelievably tender and so flavorful!, and the carrots were out of this world- my husband and I both think they're the best carrots we've ever eaten! I used Ying Ling for the beer. I found the first time that there wasn't enough liquid left to make a sauce so I whisked in some beef broth, this time I added an extra half a bottle of beer before I popped it in the oven. We'll see how it turns out!

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MistressRach March 25, 2010

Very good! This came out just perfect, we all enjoyed it very much.

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TaterBug! :) October 22, 2009

I won't post any stars for this because I see everyone else had great luck with it. My experience was a 3-star. One thing that may have made a difference, I used dark Irish beer so maybe it tasted stronger? Actually the beer flavor didn't bother me but I think that a specific amount of salt should have been put into the pot. I didn't put enough in and it was really missed! Also my fault for not putting in onion flakes but they don't set well with us.

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Chef Tweaker February 05, 2009

OMG! I love pot roast and have never made it before. You can't go wrong with the beer. I didn't have any carrots but diced the onions since I didn't have dried onion flakes. I placed the veggies under the Pot roast and save some for the top of the roast. I didn't have to remove the veggies to make the gravy since I cut them a smaller size. I also left out the butter.

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Lydiamis November 18, 2008

Excellent. I used a bottle of Sam Adams Cranberry Lambic and it was perfect for this. The meat was very tender and so flavorful. Thanks, Rita.

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iris5555 November 11, 2006

This was the best tasting pot roast I've ever made! I was a little worried about how it would turn out at first because we are not big beer drinkers and the beer I had on hand was a light beer that was over a year old, but it still turned out great. The veggies had an awesome flavor! I served this with mashed potatoes, which was a nice change when having a pot roast because I normally would put the potatoes in with the roast.

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Cindy05 Luther March 23, 2003
Pot Roast Cooked in Beer so Tender it Falls Apart