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As a Pennsylvania dutch cook...I do this but insead of using water....I use fresh eggs...makes a much better noodle...and you want to get them as thin as you can...they do puff up a bit when they cook. When you serve put fresah chopped onions on top. Serve with a fresh apple sauce or with pepper cabbage. We make this a lot for church suppers and fund raisers in our neck of the woods.

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Hallchinalady January 28, 2009

EXCELLENT !!!! My grandmother was PA Dutch also, from Central PA, and this is as EXACT as you can get to the real way of making "pot pie". Most ppl confuse "meat pies" with "pot pie" but you have scored big with this recipe. The only thing I do differently is that I always use broth intead of water when mixing the dough, and I like my dough thinner. I use my bread machine to mix the dough, and avoid a lot of the mixing mess. Also, I cook the beans in a seperate pot. Some ppl don't like the beans, some do, and this way they have a choice. Your recipe is right on target....I hope ppl will try it.

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crashdummy1w January 19, 2008

I'm so glad I tried this!! It is perfect!!! Was told then to drizzle vinegar over top after you plate it up, it's delicious! Nothing like I would of expected!!! Will make again!!!

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Sandy M. October 04, 2015

Excellent! Don't let the length of the recipe fool you - it's really very easy. I cheated today and used canned beef but it was still great. I also used the broth to make the pot pie noodles - yum! This one will be a staple in my book. After all, I always have flour and salt. A little beef, canned or otherwise and you have a great meal. I served with mashed potatoes. Thanks for posting!

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Lady Dancer November 23, 2008
Pot Pie Noodles W/ Ham, Beef, Chicken, or Turkey