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I didn't have any stuffing- but used everything else listed. I also included 2 bay leafs, 10 peppercorns, and some kosher salt. Turned out really well. I think the gravy gave it alot of additional flavour. Thanks Chia.

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Miraklegirl November 19, 2003

This soup is made after every turkey we've ever had. I grew up on this wonderful soup my mom has been making forever. The only difference is that she uses rice instead of our stuffing, because there's never any left.

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kelly in TO October 13, 2008

My family LOVED this soup! I used a carcass from a 7 lb. roaster chicken and it was wonderful. Unfortunately, I found out too late that someone had eaten my leftover stuffing, so I had to skip that and I used noodles instead. Next time, hopefully I'll be able to try the stuffing, but it was still great this way. Thanks for posting. With your recipes, I'm getting pretty good at this soup making stuff ;)

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Karen=^..^= January 16, 2005

This recipe is exactly what my Nana's home made turkey soup was made from, lots of love and just about every Thanksgiving leftover in the fridge! The gravy and the stuffing is what really gives it the hearty flavor. The stuffing chucks are the best! I also add noodles to make it even more hearty. Made some fresh baked bread with it and it was a perfect meal when we were done outside putting up the Christmas lights. The smell in the house is always intoxicating!

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dragonpawz December 01, 2013

Wonderful to be able to use the dressing, gravy and turkey carcass! Never added the stuffing before to my post-thanksgiving soup. I imagine the taste would be different for every stuffing/dressing added! Very nice soup...I also added some whole black peppercorns and a bit of kosher salt. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

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breezermom December 01, 2010

I knew when I saw that this was from marion Cunningham that it would be great. This was the best turkey soup that I'd ever made. I had a wonderfully spiced gravy so I did not add any of the spices. I love the addition of the stuffing. I made two batches of this soup, both in my crockpot. I used fresh turkey stock for the first, and canned chicken broth for the second. I really couldn't tell any difference between the two. I also cooked one batch with stuffing and in the other I added the stuffing on top of soup (as a garnish). Both were great, although I love the idea of adding it with the soup. It got really soft( even though my stuffing was the crusty stuff at the bottom of my crock pot), almost like a dumpling. The gravy was the perfect touch. Thank you Chia for this wonderful recipe. It is the only one I will use from now on!

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Roxygirl in Colorado December 03, 2004
post thanksgiving turkey soup