Portuguese Style Steak

Total Time
Prep 6 hrs 30 mins
Cook 30 mins

This is a great dinner, you can have with an egg on top with home fries, pour some of the sauce over the fries, it's very good. and some warm bread. Yum Yum. enjoy.

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  1. Marinate steaks for 6 hours, in large skillet fry steak and onions together, after 20 minutes, pour marinade in skillet, cook until absorbed.
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This is a hot and spicy recipe just the way I like it. The trick with this recipe is to keep the egg on the steak while it cooks! (just joking but it does want to slide off) The combination of spices gives wonderful flavor to the meat. I marinated it for 8 hours. Thanks Graybert for a recipe I will definately make again 7 April 2010 This time I cut the steak to stir fry size - The egg stayed very nicely. Delicious. I don't know who to than Graybert or Anna but I enjoyed the recipe

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I don't know what it was but the flavor just didn't sit well with us. Sorry

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I subbed stock with a splash of lime juice for the wine and have since decided this is the only way to prepare london broil. Thanks!