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this was a nice starting off point for me and the ingredients I had available...I also have a rather large crockpot so my ingredient amts were in some cases larger than called for...Here were my changes: yellow potatoes (which I'll pre-cook next time since they werent entirely cooked through this time), 16 oz italian sausage (leftover from a pasta meal), green pepper instead of cubanelle (LOVE gr. pepper), celery flakes instead of celery (didnt have any celery), increased the onion to 1c (LOVE onion), increased the garlic to 1 tb (LOVE garlic), skipped the salt (prefer to salt-to-taste when I eat), kept the thyme, kept the shrimp but used extra large size and used homemade NSA vegetable broth (6c. worth since I was making a BIG batch)...Now granted, MY version was more italian than portugeuse, but thats OK, this recipe gave me a place to start...thanks for sharing!

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Cookin'withGas December 06, 2009

Nice Soup! I did brown the sausage before adding to crockpot. Nicely spicy which we really like. Next time I will add a cup of broth to it. Made for My 3 Chefs.

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happynana November 22, 2009
Portuguese Shrimp and Sausage Soup