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This is an amazing stew that has become a family favourite. The seafood and pork combination is simple and an almost magical combination. After making this several times, I have made the following modifications:

I prefer a more soupy/bouillabaisse consistency, and generally up the liquid portion of the ingredients. I add more broth; replace a 1 oz can of tomatoes for the 14 oz chopped and tomato puree; probably add a little more wine than intended (the 50 oz is probably a typo; I still go through 50 oz, but drink the other 40); I also add the liquid from a can of canned clams - adding the meat at the end stage of cooking in addition to little necks I add.

I've also added mussels in the past. I'm sure shrimp would work as well. Enjoy!

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Shvias-on-ice January 03, 2013

This is a much better recipe than others I've seen. Some call for marinating the pork overnight in the wine, spices and aromatics, but it completely annihilates the flavor of the pork and makes it taste like packaged lunch meat. DON'T do it! Also, Italian hot sausage removed from the casing, crumbled & browned, then added back in for the last 5 minutes with the clams is a delicious alternative to the chorizo. Try it! And hey, 50 oz. of wine has GOT to be a typo and I wish they'd fix it. There's a lot of wiggle room in this recipe and any good cook can turn this into something spectacular, according to their own tastes. Good basic recipe to start with.

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CalGal January 05, 2016
Portuguese Pork & Clam Stew