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I have never had a "bread" like this before. I cut the recipe back to make 5 which actually made 6 LOL The first bite I was " I don't think I like these" well the next thing I knew one was gone LOL. DH LOVES them and so do I. The sweetness was "strange " at first. We split and toasted the leftovers for breakfast. YUM Made to say Thanks for being a great team mate on Zaar Chow Hounds during ZWT 5

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wicked cook 46 July 17, 2009

I used to live in an area with a lot of Portuguese immigrants and used to buy bolos levedos all the time. I always considered them the Portuguese version of the English muffin, like Pneuma mentioned, and have always eaten them just as I would an English muffin. Since I haven't seen these around where I live now, I was excited for this recipe! Great breakfast food! I had to sub about 1/4 of the plain flour with whole wheat flour since I ran out of plain flour. They still tasted great anyway. Made for the Epicurean Queens, ZWT5: Zingo.

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Scarlett516 June 11, 2009

Delicious. I didn't think it'll take longer to make but it was worth it. It's the waiting for it to rise that took long anyway, other than that it was easy to mold as they're just shaped into balls and flattened using my palms. I had to convert a bit though so it was kinda confusing esp with the flour, I just had to eye it. I used a cup of splenda as I wanted to enjoy it without the guilt, 5 cups of flour, 1 cup milk and the rest I understood how much. :P Anyway, it's a bit sweet and doughy. It would be nice to use it too like how English muffins are used, as buns for burgers or be eaten as is. Great for take outs, as a snack when on the go. Thanks for sharing. Made for ZWT5. Zaar Chow Hounds.

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Pneuma June 07, 2009
Portuguese Bolo Levedo