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Okay, I've now made a convert of my b/f who loves everything I've made from the 'Zaar. We made this for dinner the other night and really liked it! I'm afraid that with the side dishes I was making and everything coming to a head at one time, I didn't exactly measure the sherry - so sue me - but it came out perfectly, anyway. We had it with brown rice and the combination of flavors was yummy. Thanks for the great new favorite!

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Pat Riddle October 02, 2002

Can I just say, OH MY!!?? This recipe is SOOOO good! I won't change a thing (and I nearly always tweak a new recipe if I make it again--and I *WILL* be making this again!) All during dinner my husband and I were making jokes about distracting each other so we could steal more off each other's plate.

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MaryMc November 10, 2002

I've never had the chicken at Applebee's (I've never even been there), but I cannot believe that it would top this recipe. The portobello cream sauce was wonderful - just the right combination of flavors. I thought the mushroom slices were too large to easily saute, so I chopped them into smaller pieces. They may not have been as attractive as if I had left them whole, but I didn't have to be so careful when sauteing. I served the chicken and sauce with short grain brown rice - a great combination - and sprinkled the plates with the remaining 1 tablespoon chopped parsley. The only modification I would make is to season the chicken breasts with salt and pepper after they are finished cooking. The chicken was a little bland despite the sauce, but perked up sufficiently with the later addition of salt and freshly ground pepper. (I may not have added the full amount of pepper when cooking the sauce; it's hard to guage how much pepper comes out of my grinder.) I am adding this recipe to my regular rotation!

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miss gracie October 21, 2002

I didn't feel like pounding chicken breasts, so I cut them up into chunks to be served atop linguine. I found the sauce to be a bit mild; the sherry and cream blended nicely into heavenly nothingness (not a bad thing at all) but for me it just needed a little extra something. I added some capers and grated parmesan and it came out great.

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amygdala March 17, 2009

Excellent ! I made the recipe as directed using 2 bone in chicken breasts. This was delicious.

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Lorac June 13, 2013

Wasn't sure when to add garlic, so I just added it to the mushrooms with the rosemary. Don't substitute FF for the heavy cream. It will make the sauce way too thin. Great flavor. I served it with rice, but will do pasta next time. Fairly quick and easy to make. Perfect for a busy week night meal.

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whtbxrmom April 24, 2013

This was a pretty good recipe. The only issue I had was trying to figure out when to add the onions and the garlic, which are listed as ingredients but do not appear in the actual recipe. I added them when I sauteed the mushrooms and that seemed to work pretty well. What temperature (e.g. medium/low/high flame) to cook everything at was also in question. I left my burner on medium and that seemd to work well too. Sorry, I'm a novice, so I love to have everything s-p-e-l-l-e-d out :)

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760494 March 02, 2008

I like the recipe for the most part. My Fiance loved it she wanted more. the sauce came out perfect I added a little Cilantro to it, and I used Cooking Sherry which has a bit more salt added to it. I will not pound the chicken down next as I found it made the egdes of the chicken much to tough when cooked in a skillet, I will also add garlic to oil before I cook the chicken to just because I love garlic and it gives the oil a good flavor for the rest of the cooking. I served it with bakes red potatoes with a garlic butter cream sauce and grill asparagus, and a nice chardonay. I will be cooking this again but tweaked. Thanks for the recipe!

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Tantello August 03, 2007

Sounds peachy, we will be making this delectatable entree tomorrow for our favorite friends. My daughter Zoe has ask for one addition... ketchup. Shall we let her endulge? She is four and loves Barbies? Cathy and Mike

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Spotty Engle July 21, 2004

Delicious and perfect for us watching carbs. Thanks so much.

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Shanna021 February 27, 2004
Portabella Chicken With Creamy Rosemary Sauce