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I seved these as appetizers and they were very tasty however I made a mistake and used small Corn Tortillas - the flavor from the corn tortillas is wonderful but they cracked and did not look attractive so I served them with some sour cream & Chili/Garlic sauce on top - fantastic. The corn tortillas if prveiously frozen are prone to crack and these did. The recipe filling is very tasty - don't skimp- and with the melted pepper mozzarello MMMmm. 3May 04 I made these again using the large soft tortillas and they worked beautifully. When I baked them I did two with salsa & sour cream on top and two plain. The plain ones were best . I served them with Salsa & sour Cream on the side. The two that I baked with the cream & salsa were softer but still good - Thanks Chuck for a neat way to use leeks in a flavorful dish

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Bergy May 03, 2004

this is a great fast lunch or evening meal. Everyone should try this recipe.

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andypandy January 14, 2007
Portabella and Leek Roll Ups