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The flavor of browned and roasted pork with fresh rosemary, cranberry and balsamic vinegar are combined by Mean Chef to produce a wonderfully thick dense sauce. The whole cranberry and onions added texture. The layering of flavors was so well balanced that no one ingredient domminated the rest. A very easy to make main dish.

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Lorac March 20, 2003

My family loved the flavorcombination of the sauce, but were not crazy about the texture of the whole berries. The second time, I used the canned cranberry jell and the went wild! A definite keeper! Thanx, Mean Chef.

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mickie49 June 03, 2003

This was a big hit for the boyfriend and I. I loved how the flavors blended together. It was a refreshing change that just made sense! Next time I cook this though I will instead grill or smoke the pork loin. I also am considering some orange zest or perhaps marinating the pork loin first in some sort of orange or lemon based marinade. I did not have fresh rosemary on hand but the dried worked really well and come this summer, I will definatly be using that from the garden for this recipe!

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grrmrgal February 15, 2011

I thought this was tremendous...excellent flavor. Definitely company-worthy. I took some liberties with the recipe. First of all, I used about 2lbs of pork tenderloins. I did brown them in a skillet but then I transferred them to a baking dish and set some sprigs of fresh rosemary on and around them, partially covered them with foil and baked. While they were baking, I sauteed 1 large onion, probably about 1+ cup with lots of chopped rosemary, added the same 1/2 cup chicken broth, a whole can of cranberry sause and a generous, unmeasured sprinkling of balsamic. I let that cook til it was thickened and then poured it over the pork, cooked it uncovered for a while longer. It was really superb.

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Ladybug2804 July 30, 2007

We love cranberries with pork and the flavor was really good. I made 2 (1.10lb) tenderloins and it took a lot longer than 10 minutes (I did use a thermometer) so take note if you do more than one piece of pork. Since I made more meat I doubled the sauce recipe which turned out great. I was a bit dissappointed that you can't taste the balsamic vinegar like I had hoped. Along with it I made garlic mashed potatoes and used sauce on them too, and roasted zuchinni. It was an enjoyable meal.

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DDW September 14, 2003

I used the whole can, 1 cup of broth, added some garlic and braised some CHOPS. 300 degrees, 2.5 hours in a dutch oven and pure yumminess! Served with mashed oldbay seasoned sweet potatoes. Perfect!

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Izzy The Terrible January 27, 2010

I made this exactly as written and it was wonderful. The flavor was awesome and the pork was so moist. I can't wait to make this for my family this Christmas. Thank you so much for a great recipe Mean Chef!!

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Elizabeth Lanza December 03, 2003

We loved it. It was a terrific accompaniment to our pork tenderloin. Sweet baboo thought that it was a little herby, so we strained them out before serving. Otherwise followed the recipe exactly.

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Pearlsb4swine September 28, 2003

This pork smelled wonderful cooking and the sauce was delicious too but it was too much to be served over the pork. Another time I would use the jellied cranberry I make myself rather than whole berry. I followed the directions exactly as written.

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debbillem March 15, 2003

I loved this! I accidentally bought a pork loin. But, it was still amazing! My loin was 3 lbs so I doubled the sauce. All four of my kids loved it. Even the sauce. Easy to make on a a school night too. I didn't have cranberries or cranberry sauce. I subbed Smuckers tart cherry preserves, the Michigan ones. Oh we all loved it!

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Rani.Samy November 09, 2012
Pork Tenderloin With Balsamic-Cranberry Sauce