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We enjoyed this pork tenderloin recipe very much. It was a bit tricky to tie up the tenderloin, but DH did a pretty fine job (I, however, would not have been able to do it without him). We made no modifications to the recipe, other than that I used all baby bella mushrooms. The pork was done perfectly and the stuffing was delicious. Thanks for posting. Made for ZWT6 Zingo.

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Dr. Jenny July 01, 2010

GaylaV,I did this Sunday,and enjoyed it ,thanks to you and the Sask Pork Ass'n.Did not have any brie on hand and used blue cheese,a bit overpowering,but still worked well.I used baby spinach,and pounded my tenderloin a bit to make it a bit easier to stuff,and close up..Will centainly do again,always a good sign for me.Don

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Don Steele December 13, 2011

I love pork loin and this recipe is outstanding! Now the whole stuffing rolling didn't work out at all. My loin was 24 oz and was wide and more rectangular. I tried butterflying it but that just made everything squeeze out when I closed the top over the filling. I ended up splitting the loin and putting about 1/2 the filling in the middle like a sandwhich. All the extra stuffing went into a small casserole which I baked along side. Before stuffing I browned the outside of my loin which is SOP for me, I find it adds more flavor. I had chopped the mushrooms and walnuts very finely since DH doesn't like their textures. It was interesting that after cooking you couldn't really tell by looking what was in the stuffing except the spinach but it tasted sooo good! The shallots stood out and their was a slight tang, probably from the cheese and apple and the savoriness was um, um ummm. The extra stuffing inthe casserole was all brown and molten and we'd add dabs to the meat as we ate it. The loin cooked perfectly and was very tender and flavorful. DH decided this was going on our best of the tour picks! Made for ZWT6 ZINGO for the Unrulies Under the Influence.

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momaphet June 30, 2010

Had this for Sunday dinner and it was very good! I halved the recipe and used pear instead of apple as it needed to be used up. I finely chopped the walnuts. I also added a bit of wine and seasonings to the pan drippings to make a sauce that we spooned over the pork. Thanks for posting, Gayla. Made for ZWT 6, Zingo.

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Scoutie June 28, 2010

Hi Gayla, this is a great recipe for pork tenderloin. I had a bit of stuffing left over so I have frozen it and will use it in some other dish as it was to good to waste. I cut the recipe and only used one tenderloin but I think ours must be a bit longer, as one did us both plus, and my DH likes big portions. The meat was so tender, and the stuffing so tasty. All the flavours went very well together, I really liked the crunch you got with the walnuts. A very nice recipe and good enough for when you have company. Thank you so much for posting it. Made for ZWT#6 2010

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Tea Jenny June 28, 2010
Pork Tenderloin Stuffed With Brie and Mushrooms