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Absolutely delicious

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ABCgirl January 29, 2014

I really enjoyed this. I sliced the pork into medallions before browning, since the recipe description said "tender sliced pork tenderloin" and gave no post-cooking carving directions. I used a scant measure of the vinegar and added a generous slug of cream sherry. I had no demi glace, so I used "Better than Bouillon" beef base (a scant tablespoon) in about a quarter to a third cup of water. I let the vinegar, sherry, and base come to heat before adding the cream and half-and-half. I ended up adding more dairy to have a thinner sauce, as it reduced very nicely and quickly in my cast iron skillet. The sauce was so rich and creamy, it needed no finishing (I usually find myself adding a pat of butter for sheen and texture). Fantastic recipe.

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Katannah October 19, 2010

This recipe is wonderful!!! I made it for a dinner party of 8 and every single person loved it! I did not use knorrs demi-glaze - instead I used a pre-packaged (non powdered)demi-glace. Very easy to make.

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AustinLisa January 06, 2008

First of all,you need to change the title to this recipe. It is much too bland for such a fantastic tasting dish - maybe you should name it "Best Pork Tenderloin in all of Zaar" because that is what we thought about it. We have made many pork tenderloin recipes from this site and others and this one is the best tasting we have ever had. With that being said, there were a few things that I modified because I wasn't sure exactly what the recipe was telling me to do. It says the pork tenderloin should be "pounded" which I did and left the tenderloin whole, but there was no way it would have cooked through using the recipe technique unless I had pounded it very thinly. In order to do that effectively, you would have to butterfly the pork and then sautee as recommended. I didn't realize this until I had already seared off the meat, so I went ahead and threw it into a 400 degree oven to finish cooking while I made the sauce. I couldn't find Knorr Demi-glace ANYWHERE and I went to 5 different markets! I ended up buying a jar of concentrated beef demi-glace that worked beautifully. I suppose you could also reduce 1 cup of beef stock down to 1/4 cup to receive a similar taste. I ended up doubling the sauce, because I just knew we would like it from the ingredients. Secondly, I used a bit more prosciutto than you called for and crisped it up while I seared the pork. I removed both and drained some of the oil before adding the balsamic, & demi-glace. I let that simmer for a few minutes to reduce the acid from the vinegar because if you add cream and vinegar together at the same time, the vinegar tends to curdle the cream. I added the cream last and added fresh cracked pepper and sea salt. I took the tenderloin out of the oven, sliced it into medallions and placed those into the sauce mixture and turned them to coat. I served this with garlic mashed potatoes and roasted asparagus and it made for an absolutely divine dinner. My husband said it was the most well-balanced sauce I had ever made and he couldn't wait until I made it again. This is a company-worthy dish and tastes like something from a gourmet restaurant and my deepest thanks for sharing it!

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shimmerchk June 23, 2006
Pork Tenderloin