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I couldn't find my pork chops in the freezer so I used port tenderloin instead (we do our own butchering). This recipe tasted very much like spaghetti, so DD#2, who absolutely refuses to touch anything 'pork' actually ate it and went back for seconds. I thought my eyes were deceiving me, and then I decided no, she just doesn't realize it's 'pork'. I zipped my lips and sure didn't volunteer anything... The next morning, I quietly asked her, 'what is it about 'pork' that you don't like?' She responded, 'why, because I ate it last night? That was good...so what?!' I still didn't find out what she has against 'pork', but I did learn that I can apparently camaflouge it and get her to eat...oh, by the way...all 'picky eaters' and not so picky scarfed this one down. DD#1 about had a cow when I told one of the girls to give the little bit that was left in the pan to one of the dogs. She dished it up herself and put it away in the fridge for her breakfast yesterday morning. Thank you for sharing such a winner in my house Inez!!!

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Cindy Lynn February 27, 2003

Very yummy! I went a little overboard with the mozzarella cheese (added more than the recommended 1/2 cup), which I won't do next time. I also used fresh mushrooms instead of canned. I served it over thin spaghetti. Everyone loved it. I will also try this receipe with chicken.

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agileangus June 27, 2003

I have been very distracted lately, so I ended up making a few changes to this. I forgot to add the onion. I had accidentally used up one of my cans of tomatoes, so I added some tomato puree instead and simmered uncovered. I didn't add oregano (had run out earlier in the week). And, I almost forgot the mozzarella, so I sprinkled it over each serving. The recipe didn't suffer one bit for all my forgetfulness, and I will definitely make it again (the right way!). I served it over brown rice for the rest of the family, but it is very filling, and really makes 4 starch-free servings.

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evewitch September 04, 2003

We really liked this! I used several cloves of minced fresh garlic in place of the garlic powder, diced an orange pepper (that's what I had on hand) and used sliced fresh 'shroons - everybody raved! I served it over angel hair pasta - rice would be good, too. Will be making this often this fall - thanks for posting such a good, low-carb recipe!

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Joy1996 September 03, 2003

This is really good! It was quick and simple with alot of flavor. I served it with yellow rice, next time I'll try it with Penne pasta. Chicken would work well also.

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robbin.oakley August 27, 2003

Excellent recipe. I used 2 large butterfly pork chops. The end product did have the consistency and flavor of a spaghetti sauce so I served it over the noodles that I was planning on using as a side dish. Delicious and easy too. Thanks MizzNezz.

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Jenna Naquin May 31, 2003

Was a nice surprise and huband even liked it. he is a meat and potatoe guy. Pork was tender but I will add an extra can of tomatoes next time so there is more sauce. I serve this with Penne Pasta.

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Soup Lover September 09, 2008
Pork Skillet