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Delicious! I even used a very lean pork sirloin roast and it still came out tender & juicy. Other changes I made: 3 Tbsp flour instead of cornstarch & let the gravy reduce a bit, canola oil instead of lard, and dry herbs (thyme, rosemary, bay leaves, and paprika) instead of Kitchen Bouquet (afraid it might contain MSG or derivatives). It came out so tasty, just like Sunday dinner at Grandma's! Here in Wyoming, cast-iron Dutch Ovens are standard equipment in every kitchen, and it really does add something special to the flavor of anything you cook in it -- highly recommend you get one if you don't have it.

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ScrumptiousWY June 19, 2008

WOW..that's the word that comes to mind..WOW. I followed the recipe exactly with the exception of using dehydrated sliced garlic instead of fresh. I used a 5 lb shoulder pork roast with a bone & cooked it in my enamel coated cast iron dutch oven. It came out absolutely delicious, tender & as said before, the gravy is perfect. I will without a doubt be using this as my new method of cooking a pork roast. Also will be trying with a beef roast. Next time I'll up the liquid to 3 cups so we have a bit more gravy. Thanks for this amazing recipe!

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Cook2Gether June 05, 2008

I have never been able to make a great pork loin, but this recipe changed all that. I modified the ingredients to include the zest of one lemon (delicious) and used a thermometer to let me know when the pork reached 160 degrees, since I had a smaller roast. This was also the first recipe I made in my new Dutch oven I was given at Valentine's Day (made by Lodge, it's every bit as good as my smaller LeCreuset, and about 1/3 the price!). Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful recipe.

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KnoxFam February 17, 2008

I'm one of those "smoke it low and slow" guys when it comes to a shoulder roast (Boston Butt). However, when the weather wasn't cooperating I thought I'd try this... something about old fashioned and cast iron just sounded right. WOW! It was incredible! Super tender and delicious. Everyone in the family loved it. I can see why this has been a keeper for fifty years. Oh, I didn't use lard though. Equally as bad for you (unfortunately) I used bacon drippings. Just that much more flavor. Thanks!

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bishop.s February 24, 2015

Simple, fairly quick, and with few ingredients, this recipe is GREAT! First off, it was quick. I was expecting a cook time of 2 hours, but just 1 hour in the oven, and my pork roast was absolutely perfect. It is so hard to get pork done right, I was surprised. My roast was big - not sure how heavy it was - it barely fit in my pan. However, the browning went pretty quickly, and the lard and Kitchen Bouquet made the gravy taste fabulous. Next time, I may add bit touch more cornstarch or a bit less water to get the gravy thicker. It was wonderful nonetheless. I did follow the recipe closely except for checking the weight of my meat (it may have been a touch larger than called for, but probably not much.) This recipe is now my go-to recipe for pork loin. Thank you so much for posting it! (Note, that your pork loin should be 100% thawed.)

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Cook In Southwest November 20, 2014

I followed the instructions to the letter...if this is supposed to be tender, pulled pork, it wasn't even close. Most was like a piece of rubber. Not sure where all these rave reviews are coming from,because it sure sounded too good to be true, and it was, No substitute to low and slow to break down those meat fibers. Too bad, a big waste of a 5# pork shoulder.

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Steve J. July 18, 2014

Brilliant recipe! So delicious and definitely fit for company. I'm guessing my roast was about 2.5 lbs, so I could have cooked it for less than an hour. Next time I'll check temps after 45 minutes. It was still moist and the gravy....oustanding!!! I swapped olive oil for the lard, and didn't have Kitchen Bouquet so I did some research and added about 2 tbs of brown sugar to the onions while browning. Then I added 1 tbs of better than bouillion beef flavor and followed the rest. Served with jasmine rice and maple balsamic brussels. Wow. what a meal!

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lolablitz January 09, 2014

Wow! Used my new dutch oven for this last night for dinner. Followed recipe almost exactly - used a pork loin roast, oil to brown instead of lard (don't have any), used onion powder in addition to salt and pepper to season. Cooked for one hour - this was sooo moist and the gravy was delicious. Made yukon gold mashed potatoes and green beans as sides - even my picky 6 yr old cleaned his plate. Can't wait to try it leftover. Yum!

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karenapc October 19, 2009

Wow!! This was fantastic!! The sauce was amazing - rich & delicious. (This was the "christening" of my new & freshly seasoned cast iron Dutch oven.) I used olive oil instead of lard. And I used a little extra corn starch b/c I like a thicker sauce. WARNING: For all you less experienced cooks [like myself] - Cook roast for 15 minutes per lb. Then check the temp. with a meat thermometer. Do NOT overcook the roast or it will be dry.

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Happy Elephant November 18, 2007

We used a 3lb.pork loin - the prep was very easy - we used cooking oil, instead of lard ( don't forget to turn the roast over after half an hour ). Even though we have a Dutch Oven, my wife and I used a covered medium aluminum pot, similar to one you use to simmer spaghetti sauce. The result was wonderful, (very tender) - we reduced the gravy to thicken it - we added a little extra pepper, but didn't add extra salt, since the sauce seemed to have enough as is. Any extra natural juices from the roast we added back into the gravy and reheated before serving. THE RECIPE IS WONDERFUL !!! Thanks Very Much !

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hamradio2004 October 31, 2006
Pork Roast the Old-Fashion Way (Cast Iron Dutch Oven)