Pork Roast the Old-Fashion Way (Cast Iron Dutch Oven)

Total Time
1hr 15mins
Prep 15 mins
Cook 1 hr

Very tender roast, wonderful rich gravy. Serve with mashed tatters or French fries. Wonderful as left over for hot pork sandwiches. I've made this type roast for over 50 years!

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  1. Pre-heat oven to 350°F.
  2. Melt lard in cast iron dutch oven, or very heavy bottomed pot with lid, over medium high heat.
  3. Salt and pepper all sides of pork roast.
  4. When lard just begins to give off smell of being hot, place roast in pot.
  5. DO NOT move it for a minute or so, then rotate it to brown all sides.
  6. Lay garlic cloves and onion slices around the roast and stir to brown them a bit.
  7. Mix Kitchen Bouquet into the 2 cups of water.
  8. Pour in the water mixture.
  9. Bring to a boil.
  10. Cover tightly and place in lower portion of the oven.
  11. Roast 1 hour for boneless roast; 1-3/4 hours for bone-in roast.
  12. Half-way through roasting time turn the roast over.
  13. Remove roast from pan and cover to keep hot.
  14. Mix 2 Tablespoons cornstarch into 1/2 cup water.
  15. Using a whisk, stir the cornstarch mixture into the pot drippings, breaking up the garlic cloves as you mix.
  16. Bring to a boil, taste and season if needed with salt and/or pepper.
  17. NOTE: Pork roast made this way is ALWAYS tender.
  18. It makes wonderful hot pork sandwiches!
  19. The gravy is out of this world!


Most Helpful

Wow. Despite the various substitutions and "make-do"s that I had to do...this was by far the easiest and best pork roast I have ever made. My husband and 2 1/2 year old twin boys agree. I used 2T cold bacon fat instead of lard, I used 1 cup beef broth, 1 cup water, season salt and dried parsley instead of the Bouquet/water mix, and I did all the "before oven" steps in my cast iron skillet, then transferred everything into my giant ceramic dutch iven type pot that I let preheat with the oven. Then, since my adventuresome twins have long since broken the ceramic top, I covered as tightly as possible with foil. And it still came out beautifully. AND it was perfect after only and hour. And the gravy?? Oh my goodness, no other gravy will ever be good enough again, this one was soooo perfect...THANK YOU!

Dazy March 14, 2011

Okay. This is the second thing that I've cooked in our Le Cruset Dutch Oven that we got from our friend Betty at our wedding. I used olive oil and butter to brown. I didn't have any onions so I omitted those and the garlic. I just rubbed it with salt, white pepper, and the "Tuscan Sunset" seasonings from Pensey Spices that we have. I put in 2 Cups of Chicken Broth and set it in the oven. The recipe called for an hour, but it took almost 1:45 to cook the entire roast to 160 degrees.

I just added some corn starch/water mixture to the juice and brought it to a boil then strained it.

Amazing. I'll be serving this with mashed potatoes (I boil the Yukon Gold Potatoes in Heavy Cream and Milk and then use half of that and some butter before I mash - thanks Tyler!) and some carrots!


scotmotzny October 29, 2010

I just purchased a Le Creuset 7.5 Dutch Oven -- A dream of having one is over 30 yrs old.. I made this recipe and IT WAS AWESOME!!! It was the best pork roast I had ever eaten. I used olive oil instead of the lard for a more healthy choice. I never liked pork gravy until I tried this one. I will make this recipe again...

ShadowWalker04 March 28, 2011

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