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We really enjoyed this meatloaf, first time I've made one out of just ground pork. Very happy with it, especially the orange/sage taste. The pork, orange and sage really complimented each other. It sliced beautifully and the left overs will make great sandwiches for lunch tomorrow. Thanks for sharing a good one!!

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Derf November 11, 2003

Hi Jan, Well done Russell ! it's a great recipe, Economical and easy :) I didn't have fresh sage leaf so put in a very heaped tablespoon of dried, and I also put in all the juice of the orange as our 2 .5 year old would reject orange peel. I did have a somewhat similar recipe for meatloaf that also had sage in it, but HUbby says this one is even better, and I'd have to agree. It's going in my "favourite" recipe selection for sure! Thanks :) ...andria :)

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kiwidutch October 08, 2003

When i have tried meatloaf in the past the result has been underwhelming. This is the first time that i have made a meatloaf recipe that has turned out totally yummy. The flavour is really delicate, and it is very tender. Very good with roast potatoes and roast vegetables.

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patriciabarnes March 01, 2009

Made for the Ground Meat challenge in the Photo forum, Sept.08. Jan, this is great! I took a couple of small liberties. Could not find ground pork, so bought the best pure pork sausages I could find, and pressed out the meat. I added a little more grated orange rind than stipulated, and also a good handful finely chopped parsley. Did not add salt due to using pork sausage meat. My loaf was beautifully done after 1 hr 20 minutes. I decided to try the terrine trick, so I put a clean, covered clay brick on top of the (foil-covered) loaf to press it down somewhat, and when cooled it went into the fridge overnight. I unmolded it for the photographs, and then DH and I tasted a slice. It's absolutely great, and we like the firm texture, really like a terrine, after the brick trick. I will warm it up for dinner, and it's sure to be even more tasty. A great, easy recipe!! Thanks!

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Zurie September 05, 2008

The smell of this dish as it cooks just fills the house with a wonderful smell. The combination of flavors is outstanding. It slices nicely and, like others, we had sandwiches the next day with the leftovers. Next time I'll add a chopped chipotle pepper. Thanks for sharing.

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Andrea in NH April 04, 2006

I am not rating this because I changed the recipe so that isn't the recipes fault (or yours, Jan). I just wanted to mention that it really didn't seem to do well with ground beef. I am sure it would have been wonderful with the pork or even turkey but it was just barely eatable with the beef. I will try it again as written and rate it at that time. I just wanted to stop people from making my same mistake.

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Ilysse January 25, 2005

Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. It was so easy and very tasty. The blending of flavours was very complimentary. My family and I enjoyed this dish very much.

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Baby Kato April 15, 2004
Pork, Orange and Sage Meatloaf