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Yummy! I made this as directed with lingonberry preserves and used the oven method. The sauce is awesome and the orange zest added a great flavor. Thanks WiGal for a real keeper. Made by a fellow Unruly Under the Influence for ZWT6.

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lazyme June 07, 2010

Pork loin was good and I might make again. I only gave it four stars for several reasons. I am not sure why it recommends resting the pork tented with foil before serving. I did exactly as instructed. The pork was still dry and cooled down to the point that I had to microwave it before serving. I would recommend skipping this step. The instructions for the sauce were very confusing. I am not sure how boiling the reserved juices from the meat will de-grease them. The fat does not boil off so this makes no sense. If I make this recipe again, I will skip this step and discard the greasy juices. Also the ingredients called for 1/2 cup chicken stock in the sauce. The instructions make no mention of adding this at any time. Despite all this, I made the sauce with Ikea's lingonberry jam and it had a delicious sweet flavor that complemented the pork nicely.

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Spencer #2 March 04, 2016

I am about to make this, but I can't figure out where the chicken stock goes in the sauce... Am I to add it to the port before reduction, or add it with/in place of any missing pan juices?

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Amanda M. January 10, 2016

Review is just for the sauce - delicious! I was making schnitzel but did not feel like making my usual mushroom gravy for it. I love lingonberries, and this sauce turned out delicious. I did use a red wine instead of port. I think his sauce would go well with chicken or turkey, also,

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duonyte September 06, 2013
Pork Loin With Lingonberry Sauce