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Picture is about what mine looked like. Made this for company. Had a real craving for pork and got a very nice looking tied roast. Served with #43846 Apple Tarts for dessert. Will make again, as soon as the butcher comes up with a good looking roast again. This will be a regular.

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Gay Gilmore December 09, 2002

This recipe makes a nicely flavoured roast. The vegetables had great flavour and there was only the roasting pan to clean up which is a great bonus. The only problem I had was that it took quite a bit longer to cook my 5 pound roast than the 90 minutes. After 150 minutes the roast was at 160 and the veggies were still tender crisp.I will certainly make it again but will allow for more cooking time.

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Kate in Ontario January 07, 2003

The roast was very tender and moist with excellent flavor. It was 160°F right at 75 minutes but the vegetables weren't done yet. I removed the roast and let it sit before slicing it while I let the veggies cook longer. (I switched over to convection and they were done in about 15 more minutes.) Next time, I'll cut the veggies into smaller pieces rather than just the quarters the recipe calls for. We thought the herbs & garlic were fantastic on both the roast and vegetables. I used the leftover roast in a 15-bean soup that I made the next day.

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Marg (CaymanDesigns) October 11, 2013

I made a slight variation to this recipe, specifically the kinds of vegetables, due to what I had in the refrigerator. I used: Chopped sweat potato, mushrooms, artichoke hearts and onion, along with some fresh parsley in addition to the thyme and rosemary. I also brushed the pork with a little teriyaki soy sauce to give it a little extra flavor and color. I posted a picture of what mine looked like with these variations. It was delicious!

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Amateur Chef Kate January 02, 2013

It came out very tasteful not dry very moist!

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sebest05_4015594 March 22, 2011

My rating is for the roast pork loinp only. I have this wierd thing where I won't roast my veggies with the meat. I know they will get more flavor and it's only one pan to clean up, but i'm sort of like a kid that doesn't like their food to touch!..I prepared the roast and let sit in fridge for the appropriate time. I cooked as per instructions, only I left out the vegetables. This produced a deliciously moist roast. My son, whose very picky, even ate it! Normally i have to slice off two chops when i make a pork roast and cook it separate, but he loved it. Thanks so much CC! Italianmomof2

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ItalianMomof2 February 26, 2009

this was all good....I love roasted vegetables and the pork was good as well....(it all fit) thanks "G"

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"e;G"e; January 09, 2006

This had excellent flavor, but I probably will never use this method of cooking the roast again. It made a terrible mess in my oven with a lot of grease splattered all over it. I had to clean my oven as soon as I was done cooking.

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Marie February 23, 2005
Pork Loin Roast with Roasted Root Vegetables