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I never cook pork chops so was a little timid about trying this recipe...but it turned out GREAT! It was really yummy tasting and pretty easy to make! I made it with yellow onion as I didn't have red, but I think red would taste better. Next time I made add other veggies too (like zucchini). Our guests were impressed with the meal too! Thanks!

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Aunt Mo January 29, 2009

The only thing I added were a couple of shallots I had to use. These were delicious! The red onion & shallots gave a wonderful flavor, the gravy was phenomenal over mashed potatoes! I never know what to do with those big Costco pork loin chops, glad I happened onto this recipe ~ this is a keeper!

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Babychops November 05, 2008

Im not sure why people give 4-5 stars on a recipe when they add their own ingredients or change measurements. The chops were pretty good but nothing special.

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Tyler G. February 15, 2015

I used a pork loin and cut into thick 1 1/2" slices just cuz I had it on hand. It lacked seasoning to me, but I love seasoning. I added some fresh thyme springs and rosemary which I thought really helped, salt and pepper for sure and did season the pork with a little all purpose seasoning (not seasoning salt, just all purpose herbs) on the pork to give it extra flavor. I did use stock for the chicken broth/stock, and used 1 1/2 cups cremeni mushrooms as they add more depth of flavor and white vs red that is what I had. I served mine over a brown rice that I doctored up with scallions, shallots and red peppers which seem to go well. I just wanted more flavors for me and I think the seasoning did it.

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SarasotaCook October 04, 2009

I thought these were great. I always make adjustments for myself and I never measure, so I can't say exactly how much of what I used. I did use half of a white onion, mushrooms, a lot of garlic (maybe 5-6 cloves), and I also added frozen french style green beans and a few pieces of frozen sliced squash (wasn't sure how that would go so just a sample this time). I followed steps 1-3. I used thin pork loin chops and cut off the excess fat. I then seasoned the chops with fresh cracked pepper and salt. Then, I sprinked and spread regular flour over them all. I also added more seasoning from Mr. Dash (garlic & herbs plus onion & herbs) over the chops once they were in the pan. I added the frozen veggies (after rinsing for quicker thawing) in at step 7. I did put garlic powder and garlic salt over the thawed out veggies. You do also want to make sure that the chops are not boiling in the chicken stock, but just sitting above the liquid touching it. It will cook differently if you boil them (I ALMOST made that mistake of cooking the chops under the veggies in step 7 instead of on top of veggies). I did use corn starch to thicken my sauce and let me tell you... this dish was wonderful. I served it over rice and with toasted buttered french bread. What a great recipe. Thanks.

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toofunie4u August 24, 2009

I followed the directions as written except that I used regular flour. I will make this again. However, next time I will use less chicken stock. I found the gravy to be too much and a bit too thin. Also, I think I'll thicken the gravy before returning the meat to the skillet. My chops weren't very thin, but they did overcook a little.

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ABT April 09, 2009

This was very nice. I made it as directed except used a white onion instead of red and all-purpose flour. It was easy to prepare and the gravy was quite tasty. Thanks CQ. Made for Photo Tag.

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lazyme February 16, 2008
Pork Loin Chops With Mushroom Onion Gravy