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Pretty good as a starting point. These are the changes I made:
I used Nature's Seasoning liberally on the chops and got my cast iron skillet med hi hot. This gave a nice brown to each side and yummy bits in the bottom.
Rather than waste the yummy bits left in the skillet after browning the chops, I added the butter to melt in the skillet. Then added the flour, stirring well. Finally added the chicken stock (1 3/4 C from a box) in two parts, allowing the gravy to thicken between additions.
I used red skinned potatoes so I just scrubbed them really well and left the skin on.
Baked with foil at 375 for 30 min. Then removed the foil to check potato doneness. Everything was done so I served it up. In retrospect I believe I sliced the potatoes too thin. The "gravy" was more like au jus but yummy nevertheless. Just needed lots of crusty bread to sop it up!

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Fishie1066 September 30, 2011

Great recipe! Not to much effort from a great meal. The whole family loved it!!!

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Mommy of 3 Gingers April 30, 2011

looneytunesfan, thank you from the bottom of my stomach for this recipe. I really enjoyed it. I only had 4 boneless chops, but I followed the rest of the recipe mostly as directed; I subbed Smart Balance Spread with Flaxseed Oil for the butter, and only estimated the amt I used to be about 3 T. I estimated the salt, used a lot more pepper because my bf and I love pepper. My chicken broth was water and chicken boullion cubes. I also used a bit more salt and a generous amount of pepper during browning, using a bit of canola and a bit of grapeseed oil. I thought the cook time/temp and the ratios were right on. The pork chops were extremely tender, although a bit dry since they were on top of the potatoes, but the flavor was wonderful. The potatoes and onions were delicious and the broth made a perfect thick sauce. I was so hungry by the time we ate dinner, that I forgot about the optional garnish. I don't really think I missed it. Bf enjoyed this too. For my first (oven) pork chop and scalloped potato recipe, I was impressed by the simplicity of the ingredients, but what nice flavor! UPDATE: Btw, I decided to try this with leftover ham from Christmas and to the recipe I added a med-large green pepper chopped. I layered the potatoes, onions, green pepper, and 3 cups of ham (it was spiral sliced which I just chopped into smaller pieces) and cooked as directed. I omitted any salt because of the salt in the ham. This was really good this way! Bf really liked it too. :)

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blancpage December 26, 2007

My family loved this recipe! I've been making pork chops with scalloped potatoes for years but these are the best I've ever tasted. Will make again and again.

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irishkateek November 12, 2006
Pork Chops With Scalloped Potatoes