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This is a wonderfully simple yet tasty recipe. I've made it several times -- it's perfect when I want to get supper on the table in a hurry. I use any kind of potatoes, not necessarily red. I peel them and cut them in thin slices. I use a bit of broth instead of the oil, because I'm trying to limit my fat intake. I don't use the bell pepper, and I add a bit of salt and pepper.

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cpenner February 15, 2003

OMG, this is a tasty little recipe! Very simple to put together, and quick to the table. I did use one pork chop and one rib steak, and russets, sliced thin. The sauce that's generated is just real good. This one's a definite keeper! Thanks Robin... Laudee

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Laudee July 02, 2003

Very nice pork chops, just made two and reduced the other quatities accordingly. I use baby red potatoes, they were delicious. Another time I might thicken the juice some, although it was very good. Also used fresh red sweet pepper, turned out very nice. Thanks for posting.

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Derf June 21, 2005

Everyone in my family loved this recipe. That's very rare for our house. I loved it. It was simple and very fast to make. Will be making this one again.

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PamD May 27, 2003

My husband awarded this 5 stars. The recipe was easy to make & we were rewarded with moist, tender, and flavorful pork chops & potatoes. I had an unused pkt of golden onion soup mix so sprinkled it on top of the pork chops when I placed them back into the skillet. I used water only instead of the chicken stock. I covered it & reduced the heat to a simmer & let it cook about 40 minutes. My only complaint is the result is sort of colorless. I think I might add some thick chunks of carrots next time. Made for Pick A Chef Spring '09.

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Susie D May 02, 2009

Very bland, very unpleasant. Also, very tough meat. I'll never make this again. It bordered on gross. We even used the roasted red pepper. My husband even hated it, and he's from the Midwest.

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Paris D February 06, 2009

Wonderful and so easy and comforting! I love onions and potatoes together, and I love pork chops. There was just me and my BF so I had two boneless pork chops, which I trimmed of extra fat, browned as directed but seasoned them w/salt and pepper first. I did as other reviewers and sliced my potatoes thinly (I had 3 small-medium Russets that needed to be used before they sprouted) and half of a Walla Walla sweet onion. The chicken broth I used was Herb Ox brand sodium-free/MSG-free chicken broth powder. I made the full amount of broth, but only used 1/2 cup. I used 1/2 tsp oregano. I didn't have any bell peppers. I also added 1/2 tsp of jarred minced garlic halfway through browning the potatoes and onion, a dash of seasoning salt, and a dash of garlic salt. The potatoes and onions took a bit longer to begin to brown, but that's probably just y pan. AFter bringing mixture to boil, I also had to simmer about 5 mins longer than directed. When I lifted the lid, there was a gorgeous, thickened sauce from the chicken broth and pork juices. This was very flavorful, not sure hwo I like the oregano, which I know would have been great with a green pepper in there, but it wasn't too bad. I am glad I added the additional seasonings. Thank you Robin W for a delicious, quick meal. Bf thought it was pretty good, as well. :)

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blancpage October 26, 2007
Pork Chops & Potatoes