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I loved this recipe. I should've paid attention when my mom tried to teach me things in the kitchen all those years ago, because now I want to be a good cook, but I'm not. Anyway, this recipe was easy (and fun) for a novice like me and the taste was really, really good. I couldn't believe I actually made a gravy and it tasted great! I'll make it again soon.

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Can't Cook Worth a Lick June 03, 2010

This was amazing. To make it a bit healthier I served it with brown rice & the sauce soaked into the rice, making it taste better. I also added some fresh chopped spinach on the top just as a garnish but as it warmed it sort of took on a casserole texture and was delicious.

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Rock Star Mama December 20, 2009

Spectacular. Thank you so much for posting this recipe! I've gotten so many compliments on it. :-)

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HeatherN November 02, 2009

This is wonderful, I used it for a company dish and everyone raved!

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cafavro August 21, 2009

A deliciousness that surpasses any pork dish that has ever come from my kitchen before. I followed this exactly; that is just for a few exceptions, in this case as to not take away from the original recipe. 1) I had not a pearl or small onion in the joint; so I went and dug up some smaller onions that got planted late, and used those. 2) I used a package of pork-end spareribs, the meaty part - which; happened to be on a very good *sale* instead of the whole tenderloin. Since they were chunked, I threw them in a dash of flour, S&P, and browned them in a hot frying pan, using the pan drippings, and wonderful bits to brown the onions, garlic, and mushrooms. All rest stayed the same, and I did use a spot of cream (half&half) added to the end, and served atop egg noodles. Mine ended up with plenty of juice, (all the juicy tidbits too) and cooked my on low heat well beyond the 1 hour time suggested, just because the more it cooked the more tender and delicious it became. I also threw a couple chunks of corn on the cob in the last 3 minutes just because, well....I have so much corn in the garden, I figured I'd use them up. My goodness, we were in heaven! This is great, twis/si.s and you have a *winner* on your hands here! Thank you!

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm August 04, 2008

This was absolutely gorgeous!! I too was worried about the cooking time. I have to say I double and tripled checked the recipe for liquid, water, wine something. How could this cook for so long without adding some liquid. The meat juices totally come out, so over a low heat there is your liquid. The only thing I changed was to add a little cornflour at the end just because I prefer a thicker sauce. Oh yes, not because I wanted to change this, but my mind boggles I can always get baby onions, I went to 2 stores today and neither had them so I just threw in some sliced brown onion. This was wonderful and I have saved this one. Thanks Twissis for posting

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The Flying Chef May 21, 2008

*Australia/New Zealand Swap #16* Wow 1 What a keeper ! Prepared 1 tenderloin and halved other ingredients. Was a tad anxious about cooking for 1 hour over gentle heat -- seemed that there was not sufficient liquid, plus ceramic cook-top doesn't "simmer" well. Not to worry -- all went well! Was super delicious -- and saved the little pork and sauce to add to drier chicken or beef later. Thanks Twissis, for a really tasty treat !

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NurseJaney May 13, 2008

Scrumptious! And easy. My only issue with the recipe, as written, is that the size of vegetables varies so much among countries. (Which means I think U.S. sizes have become grotesque...certainly larger than we neeeeeeed!) So...I have shallots that are larger than a golf ball and those the size of a large marble...which do I use? And onions? Pearl onions are way less than 1 inch diameter and boiler onions are 4 times that size. Well, I "punted." :-) Used one monster shallot and two smaller ones and cut 3 boiler onions in quarters. My one other suggestion is that the "cloves" be specified -- you do mean cloves the spice, right? Not cloves of garlic.... Regardless of all that--I LOVE this dish. The sauce is equally fantastic on thinly sliced cooked chicken breast. It also reheats well on LOW in a microwave for 3-5 minutes. (Great new photo, twissis!)

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BarbryT December 18, 2007
Pork Aux Champignons (French Pork With Mushrooms)