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We ended up putting this on high for 4 hours in the crockpot..husband didn't come home on time so I put it into the fridge to put back in the crockpot on low for 8 hours. For whatever reason, the lentils were still a bit chewy but the overall tast was good! Thanks for another easy meal :)

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Tish February 14, 2009

I love a dish that already has some veggies and protein and this was a hit. It's easy to throw together and forget about until it starts making the house smell great. Thanks for a keeper.

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Margie99 February 07, 2012

Love this recipe! I used parsnips, which added a more sweet flavor, which my husband wasn't crazy about; so maybe next time I will use the carrots instead. I loved it with the parsnips, though.

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barefootandpregnant February 03, 2008

This makes a fine dinner, and for MORE than 4 if you make up some packaged egg noodles along with it. I could have easily served 6 or 8. Anyway, this excellent cassoulet is really easy to prepare -- put it together in your crock pot in the morning and goof off for the remainder of the day. I made the recipe exactly as Annacia said (using carrots), and my wife said it was outstanding and wants it again. Trust me, she doesn't tell me such things all that often. I found the flavor pretty bold and hearty too, a great dish for hungry guys who like "meat and potatoes". It has just the right amount of meat in it and the lentils are a great substitution for a recipe that would normally call for beans. Thank you, Annacia, for sharing your fine cassoulet recipe. More people should try "casSOULets," if they have not done so as yet, and this one would be a great place to start! pat, the old bone man. *.*

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Bone Man September 27, 2007

We really liked this. I made a few adjustments (using very small lentils, only carrots (no parsnips or celery) and using chicken stock and chicken bouillon). I also added, because I needed to use it up, about a half a cup of pearl barley. So mine was thicker than yours but very yummy. Thanks.

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ladypit August 13, 2007

I hovered between 4 and 5 stars, only because I did not put the celery or parsnips in......I added extra tomatoes, but it worked SO well, it was very much a 5 star recipe!! I stuck to the recipe other than not adding those vegetables and it was delectable! I served it to some B and B guests who were staying, and they loved it. I have made cassoulet before with lentils and not beans, but mine is slightly different to this one - this was a great recipe and I will make it again. (Why didn't I add the celery and parsnips? The guests did not like them! Also, I did not have time to take a photo, as it had to go out "front of house" very quickly - but I doubt I could have beaten the lovely photo which is posted!) Thanks, a great meal enjoyed by all! FT:-)

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French Tart March 02, 2007

The pork was very tender and flavorful! I pre-soaked the lentils over night and used the low heat setting on my crockpot, cooking for 12 hours. The beans turned out nice and tender. I used Annacia's make-ahead idea and cut up all the veggies and added the seasonings the night before. I also went ahead and cut up the pork and cover and refrigerated it until morning. Thanks, Annacia!

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Bev February 23, 2007

Delicious - we really enjoyed this dish served with cornbread (Light Cornbread). The changes I made to this recipe were very minor, but as I have trouble with lentils in my crockpot (due to living at a high altitude) I soaked the lentils for about one hour before using them. The other changes I made was I used Rotel tomatoes (10 ounce can includes mild chilies) plus 2 tomatoes chopped. I used both the carrots (4) and the parsnips (2) but skipped the celery. Very good and another way to use lentils. Thanks for sharing this keeper!

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ellie_ February 08, 2007
Pork and Lentil Cassoulet