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Okay friends, I have never reviewed a recipe before, but this one was FANTASTIC and I wanted to let others know. I recently ate pork adobada at a restaurant for the first time and I loved it. I kept craving it and decided I would give this recipe a try based on the ratings. I am an amateur cook, and I didn't understand the baking of the dried chiles. (To educate others like me, this intensifies the flavor of the already dried chiles. Also, you are basically making your own chili powder rather than using a store bought type that has other spices added.) Also, I couldn't find the exact dried chiles, so I had to research this. I used Chile Californias for the anaheims. I couldn't find dried pasilla or an equivalent, but I luckily stumbled across some pasilla powder in the Mexican aisle at my supermarket. I used 4 tsp of this. As another reviewer mentioned, it definitely needed some salt, so I added 1/2-1 tsp. about halfway through the cooking. Other than that, I followed the recipe exactly. I served topped with cheese, an avocado dressing I made, and some fresh chopped cilantro. This was truly so good. My inlaws dropped by at dinnertime and we offered them dinner. They also kept raving about how amazing this was. And my nine year old went back three times for more. It was full of flavor, but my version really was not spicy. (My family doesn't do spicy, so I was relieved.) Thanks for sharing this great recipe. It is a keeper for sure.

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CLB in SLC February 16, 2013

I needed a recipe to make to share with friends for our "cook 'n share" and based on the reviews, I decided to try this one. I tasted the sauce before adding the pork and decided that it was plenty spicy so I didn't add the chili seeds. But after adding the pork and letting it cook for a while, I tasted it again and it was not as spicy as I had thought, so don't be afraid to add the seeds. Also, don't forget the salt! I didn't salt anything as I was making this, and when I tasted it half way through the cooking, I discovered it really needed it. But all in all this is a good recipe.

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SRCCE March 21, 2009

Now we're talking! This is the single best recipe I've come across on Zaar. And I've tried quite a few. If you've got a tagine, use it. Prepare the sauce, fry the onions, put them in the tagine, brown the floured pork, pile it on top of the onions, cover the lot in the sauce, put them in an oven heated to 140-150C and you're away. Check after 2.5hrs, and again every half hour after that. You'll know when it's ready because you'll be screaming "OH MY GOD THIS MEAT IS INCREDIBLE" to everyone who can hear you! This recipe is absolutely indispensible.

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Big Dino October 31, 2008

This was outstanding! My DH said it was even better than the little mexican resturant down the street!! I used just two anaheim chilis as we do not like it too spicey and, it was just enough. It is very hot outside and did not want to turn the oven on to roast the peppers, so I roasted them on the flame of the gas stovetop, this worked just fine. Let the peppers sit in a bag when they have been roasted, to help steam the skins and they will peel right off after about 10 minutes. I served these on warmed, corn tortillas and be sure to double the tortillas as just one will break from the juiciness of the meat. I also served this with Pico De Gallo #33861. Amazing dish, thank you for sharing!

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Griffin_1012 July 23, 2008

So good, certainly deserves all the great reviews. DH loves Mexican and this one was that little bit differant that he raved about it. I little on the sweet side for me so next time thinking I'll cut down in half the orange concentrate & brown sugar - but that's just me. The baking of the peppers sure brought out the flavor what a great idea - I'll need to use that one more often. I couldn't find the Pasilla chilies so used the only dried ones in the store Anjo's, the flavor was still right on. It was made even easier as I used my Ninja crock pot which fried the meat, Saute the onions & slow cooked all in one pan. Can't wait to try this again but next time want to try the hint to do it in the tangine just to see if it makes a differance.

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Bonnie G #2 March 26, 2014

I'm not going to use start because I didn't really follow the recipe. I used a couple of chipotle peppers in sauce in place of the called for peppers. The dish was good, but I think next time I'll try to find the right peppers.

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jane49423 March 29, 2009

Very good! A bit spicier than I can handle, so I added some cream cheese and it was perfect. The flavors blend wonderfully together. I had a lot of sauce leftover, so I threw in a bunch of chicken and I'm letting it cook to eat later in the week!

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Abi Fae December 16, 2008

YES!!!! If I could give more stars, I would. This was absolutely fantastic! My husband was a little concerned that it would be too spicy when he saw me preparing it this morning but his fears were ungrounded. We loved this. The meat has so much flavor and was so tender. The only change I made was to only use 3 pasilla chiles because the ones I bought were very big. I plan to double or triple this for our annual open house on New Years Day. Thank you so much for posting this, PaulaG.

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Chattes November 19, 2008

I really enjoyed this. I am certainly no expert,but I think this was fairly authentic. The prep work took a little time, but it wasn't too bad. I used one chipotle in adobo instead of the pepppers called for (it's what I had on hand) That was all the heat I needed (but I am a heat whimp) I would suggest making it clear in the directions at what point you add the cumin.

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tara portee July 17, 2007
Pork Adobada