Total Time
Prep 2 mins
Cook 30 mins

This is my grandma's recipe. She makes these for breakfast at least once a week. These are savory and delicious and best served with butter. I hope your family loves them as much as mine does.

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  1. Grease a muffin tin well.
  2. Combine milk, cooking oil, flour and salt.
  3. Beat 1 minute with whisk.
  4. Add 2 eggs one at a time beating 20 seconds after each egg.
  5. Pour into muffin tin.
  6. Set in cold oven and turn heat to 410 degrees.
  7. Bake for 30 minutes.
  8. Never fails.


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For all you out there that remember Dinah Shore. I have her book "Someone"s In The Kitchen With Dinah" Which has just about the same recipe, Where she calls for 1 cup flour, this recipe calls for7/8..Where she calls for1/2 t salt, this recipe calls for 3/4.She says, there are 3 tricks to making a good "pOpover" 1..preheat oven..2..fill less than half...3..Do not peak. This says, Pour into muffin tin and set in cold oven, do not peek. Dinah says,425 oven,this says,410. Now, I have been making "Popovers" Dinah's way, for many a year.They are very good, never had a problem. This recipe,stucked to my popover pan..and yes I greased,they did rise, but did not seem done inside right.And this makes 6 not 12. Sorry, Grandma, I think I will stick with Dinah.

dolores in paradise November 17, 2006

The thing that I loved about this recipe is the idea to put it in a cold oven and let them do their thing. It took a little less time for mine to be okay (maybe 5 minutes difference) because I used a gas oven. This made 10 for me using a standard muffin tin. I wish the recipe was more specific in some places, such as being more specific about the type of oven and things like that.

I have to say, mine stuck to the pan as well, which was frustrating after greasing the muffin tin well. Maybe it would help to make a suggestion as to how the recipe's author completed this step, so next time I will know the trick. I might stick to my Betty Crocker recipe on this one, but thanks for sharing the recipe!

musicnfood-1990 July 24, 2011

Worked great! Glad I didn't go by the review! Thanks!

Chef OnMyMom May 16, 2010

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