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I made these for a cake walk and everyone LOVED them! They did turn out really cute. The only reason I left off one star is because they were SO time consuming. I only decorated 15 cupcakes and it took quite a bit of time to cut all the marshmallows up. I recommend having a second person help you. I used white and yellow marshmallows, cut an X in the side and pinched the ends together to open up the X. I was able to fit ~30 marshmallows on each. I drew 1/4cm lines with a red Sharpie 1/2cm apart on white cardstock, then made a few photocopies and cut into 3cm x 21cm strips. I'll make these again but solicit my DH for help, and will cut the mallows while watching a movie. It took that long!

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bug @< September 25, 2009

For my sons 4th birthday we did a backyard carnival and these were the highlight of the whole event. I made 4 dozen, so it took a few hours the night before to get them all frosted and topped with the mini marsh mellows. After the first dozen, I stopped cutting the marsh mellows completely in half and only cut 2/3rds of the way through. This was much easier, less time consuming, and it still gave the same effect.

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anna_bannana August 23, 2011

I thought they were pretty good. I had a movie party and my friend loved them.

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breadbabe January 18, 2009
Popcorn Cupcakes (So Cute!)