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This cake was way too sticky the first time I made it. I tried making it a second time, and added about 2/3 of the marshmallows, 7 tbls of butter, and 1/8 c. oil. The second time it was less sticky, but the 5 year old was the only person in the family that liked it. One suggestion: Add the m&m's last, after you have stired everything else, to prevent them from melting from the hot marshmallow mixture. That part was much better the second time.

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Jaxmom January 02, 2008

This cake was simple and good! I didn't like all the fat the recipe had, so I just used a half cup butter and it was just right. I also added a tsp of vanilla flavoring. I skipped the nuts, because I'm just not that fond of nuts. Kids love this kind of thing, though!

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MNCupcake October 26, 2009

This recipe is great when you want something different. I made this for my son's boy scout group and they loved it.

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t_buck January 20, 2008

This cake was really fun! My DH made it (if he can do it, you can too!); he followed the instructions that were listed and used an angelfood cake pan. It keeps well for several days - I finally had a piece on day 3 and it was still yummy!

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Brooke the Cook in WI May 13, 2007

Very fun snack to bring along somewhere! I made this with a few jars of marshmallow fluff since I had a ton left over from making fudge this past x-mas. So simple and fun to make. I also sprinkled some rainbow sprinkles on top to brighten it up. Thanks for posting!

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anme March 03, 2007

Fun foods aren't just for little kids! Try something out like this for your teenagers' next party like I did, or like Autism Mommy said, for a bake sale - which I'm going to try. (As well as the wreath idea.) I have managed to never, ever melt marshmallows or work with this sort of stuff in all my forty-something years - not being a big fan of the popular Crispy Rice treat personally. So my review is written for those of you who may not have gone into this sticky area either, and are going to try the cone idea. First of all, Peggy isn't kidding when she says work quickly. You have to. So what would help is if you have all your cones opened and stacked, ready to fill and wax paper or something on the counter to place them on before moving on to the next one. Have your sprinkles out too if you plan on using them. They'll stick immediately after the cups are filled. Autism Mommys' little dot ones are the ones I used too - they look better than jimmies. As for mixing, the big roasting pan is a great idea. What's not a great idea is sticking your hands in and thinking it might be better doing it that way. (oh sure, laugh at me - I looked like a webbed frog-woman from a swamp) Use a spoon with one hand and keep the other hand CLEAN and use it to hold the cone. I'm big on presentation, and if the cone is messy, it won't look very appetizing nor lend itself to being as grip friendly either. As I worked on filling them, I kept saying, "this isn't looking right, this isn't looking right.." but they turned out fine! Just keep going! I don't know if it settles or what. And make sure to get some in the bottom of the cone so they don't topple over from being too top heavy. Also, I had leftover ingredients so made a batch trying mini m&m's. What happened there is that a lot of them melted when I poured in the hot marshmallow mix. This gave it a more Fudge Ripple look and nobody seems to mind and it kind of looks on purpose. I've submitted a photo where the standard sized M&M's are used on the left and the mini's on the right. I also left out the nuts and plan to try candy corn this autumn. If you want to wrap them individually after they've dried, fold top sandwich bags worked great. Thanks Peggy for a fun recipe!

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Hotmitts Houlihan February 03, 2007

I Added this to my Christmas cookie gifts this year. Went with the Christmas wreath idea, used the bunt pan, green food coloring added to the marshmallows mixture and the green and red holiday M&Ms. Also used the honey roasted peanuts because that all we ever have around and added a bit of salt to the mixture. I like the extra level of taste this gives to even out what could for me be overly marshmallow sweetness. I gave it out both as a whole "wreath" and as slices on plates mixed up with other festive cookies. Wrapped in cellophane with a Holiday bow, ornament or do dads found in the dollar/and or craft store- these can be a very tasty, cheerful and eye pleasing gift. With not a lot of $ to spend I was able to please quite a few people I wanted to make feel special. My mind is already prepping other variations for on- coming Holidays and events. You know different candies, colors etc. I took pics, but I have to learn how to post them. I thank you for the ideas!!! P.S. also shout out to the lady who did the ice cream cone presentation- very creative!

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free-free December 24, 2006

I made this and then took handfuls of it and put it into a store bought sugar cone (the large ones that are waffle like in the isle with the other ice cream cones) with the red and white striped paper at the bottom. Change up the color of m&m's for any holiday. Looked like giant yummy ice cream cones but are bake sale friendly!

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Autism Mommy October 27, 2006

I made this recipe, a cheesecake, and a trifle for a BBQ this weekend. I made the popcorn cake for the kids, but the adults ate this stuff up. It was really good and the only dessert to be finished at the BBQ.

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JKRunning May 30, 2005

Peggy, I was just going to post this recipe when I found yours. So I will gladly review it instead! I had some of this addicting stuff at a Christmas party and begged for the recipe. LOL Then I came home and made some. It is soooo good! When you get started eating it, you just can't stop. My ds loved it so much he asked me to make some for him to take to work. I made it with the red and green M & M's (Christmas colors) and then made balls and wrapped each in film wrap. This a great recipe for kids but even big kids will love it.

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Susie in Texas January 01, 2005
Popcorn Cake