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This was a really good recipe. We made these for a church festival and they sold out! I used 9 cups of popcorn per batch and they turned out slightly chewy, so I added a little more. Also, I heated the candy to 250 degrees (as directed) and they didn't turn out too hard at all. A good recipe. Thanks for posting!

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SandeeLynn November 02, 2009

A good recipe but I think it needs just a little tweaking. I cooked the sauce to 250° and I think that was too high. The popcorn balls were hard to bite into. Next time I'm going to try cooking it just to the soft ball stage like the other reviewer and see if that is better. Also, I read through the recipe before making it, like you are supposed to, but if someone doesn't they are going to probably make the mistake of adding the vanilla on step 1 (mix sauce ingredients in saucepan) when they aren't supposed to until step 5. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to keep stirring the sauce while it cooked. Some 'candy' you need to and some you don't. This added information would be very helpful, especially if it is necessary (I stirred it constantly to be on the safe side.) I used 8 cups of popcorn and only got 10 very small popcorn balls. It probably would have only made 7 or 8 if I had made them the size my mom always made them. I dyed them orange for Halloween and the flavor was very good. One tip: Greasing your hands to form the popcorn balls is a big help. Thanks for sharing!

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Marg (CaymanDesigns) November 04, 2008

Excellent recipe! And so simple! My son and I made two batches for a sports bake sale. Sometimes popcorn balls are yummy but nothing special, but THIS recipe made a nice tasty popcorn ball! We cooked to soft ball stage and on half the batch added blue food coloring to the sauce so we would have blue and white Team Colors!

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beaglequeen October 26, 2006
Popcorn Balls - a Special Treat for Halloween!