Pop-Pop Potatoes

Recipe by punkinpea

My Dad, Arel gets credit for these awesome spuds. He has made them for my boys since they were little, and they still request them in their teenage years at every visit. Super easy, and the kinds of potato, oil and spices can be changed to suit any preference, although this is the masters' blend. We love them best finished on the top rack of the grill when the steaks are on, and nice big Jersey tomatoes sliced on the side.

Top Review by lea_petra

Haven't made them yet, but I love the instructions.

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  1. Ok -- Dad's directions go like this -- Cut, nuke, slash, oil, season. Which for the rest of us really means: Wash the spuds and halve them, then cook them in the microwave until almost fully done. Pull them out, slash cross-hatches in them and oil with a brush, then season them as liberally as you like. Put them out on the grill on the top rack for "two beers worth" of time (as Dad puts it) until nicely browned and kinda crusty on the bottom. If you like you can also do them in the oven like me (because I don't have a grill in the apartment) along with the casserole or meat that is already in there at 350 or higher. They might not get as brown, but are still very yummy!

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