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The first time I tasted this pie I was amazed at the taste. Especially when I found out how easy it was to make. Since then, and several pies later, I now have requests for it at potluck dinners. Really great pie!! My daughter uses light brown sugar, we prefer dark. Either way, it's good.

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alice, ma June 02, 2008

I read about this pie in a story once and got intriguied by it, but I could never find a recipe that I thought would be credible or that sounded like the one I had read about until I found this one. I love it. When it cooled it was firm enough to eat without a fork and had a wonderfull taste to it. Making it was a breeze. The hardest thing aout it was the crust, but that just took more time to make than everything else. I used brown sugar and I sprinkled some cinnamon onto to after if was done and it made it taste like my mom's cinnamon rolls. Goes great with a glass of milk.

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Pip4 January 21, 2008

My mom would always make poor mans pie whenever she had enough pie dough leftover. It was our favorite. Her version is similar to this recipe, she used milk instead of cream though and always added cinnamon. Definately use brown sugar, not white. Excellent! Kids will love this one.

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chefboy August 16, 2004

OMG! I have never eaten anything that tasted like this. Soooo good. A real comfort type food. Definitely gonna make this again and again. I used whipping cream...couldn't find light cream at the store. The pie crust will be FULL by the time you add the dabs of butter. I did want to stir the cream into the dry ingredients...glad I didn't! Told a friend about this pie and she suggested some chopped pecans...I will be trying that next time. Thanks for this great recipe! (so glad I decided to participate in "Adopt A Chef")

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~kdp May 01, 2004

Really good stuff. I followed the recipe exactly and made two pies. I baked it on a cookie sheet in case it overflowed. It has like a soft caramel taste and despite the large amount of sugar is not too sweet. I think some pecan halves lined at the bottom of the crust would take this pie over the top!

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AMOR DE PUGS July 11, 2008
Poor man's Pie