Poor Man's Lobster ( Mahi Mahi)

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 15 mins

I found a similar recipe on the internet and then I personalized it. I just love Mahi Mahi and this recipe really hits the spot. Simply decadent!

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  1. Cut fillets into 2 inch chunks and drizzle with the lemon juice.
  2. Pour the beer into the bottom of a saucepan (if using fresh lemon juice, toss the leftover lemon rind in with beer) and place a collapsible vegetable steamer over the beer.
  3. Bring the beer to a boil, place the fish chunks in the steamer, cover and steam for 5 to 10 minutes, dependent upon the thickness of the fish.
  4. The fish will be rubbery if it is overcooked.
  5. Meanwhile, heat the butter with the garlic and salt (I heat it slowly until the garlic is no longer raw).
  6. Remove the fish from the steamer and discard the beer/liquid/rind.
  7. Serve the fish chunks with the garlic butter dipping sauce.
Most Helpful

I could definitely see where this would have been totally awesome had I not overcooked the fish. They were dry but not rubbery. It would be great to add a tip on how to make sure not to overcook with this recipe.

Ann Cecile July 26, 2010

Big G's new favorite, want to try with other fish. (Crappie)

jumpinjack7 September 30, 2012

I made this to serve with a surf and turf. It was good and real easy to make, although not very flavorful. It not my favorite was to make Mahi Mahi, but it was the easiest. I marinated the fish in some Beer and lemon for about an hour. I used Heineken, and the fish was a wild caught, same day :) I'll make it again, . I cooked the butter till it was clear and garlic was soft and mushy

Marcea Pfarner August 28, 2010