Pommes Souffles (Puffed up Potatoes)

Total Time
15 mins
45 mins

You'll never want traditional mashed potatoes again!

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  1. Peel potatoes & cut into large chunks. Place in large pot & cover with cold water. Bring to boil & cook 10-15 minutes until tender.
  2. Drain well and return to pot on stove. Cover and heat over low flame, shaking occasionally, about 3 minutes until potatoes look dry.
  3. Mash low speed with electric hand mixer. Fold in butter, milk, salt and pepper. Let cool.
  4. Heat oven to 400°F.
  5. Spray baking dish (8x8" or similar size) with non-stick cooking spray. Beat 3 T egg whites & stir into potatoes. Add cheese.
  6. With electric hand mixer, whip remaining 3 T egg whites until stiff peaks form. Gradually fold whipped eggs into potatoes.
  7. Transfer potatoes to baking dish.
  8. Bake 30 minutes until top begins to brown.
  9. Sprinkle with flaked or colored sea salt & serve.