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This is smoking! Hot dish! I didn`t have the birds eye chiles and pomagranate seeds so they where skipped. Lots of flavor but yes hot. It didn`t need the birds eye chiles.

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Rita~ March 09, 2004

If you like your dinner to make your eyes wet & nose run then this will be right up your alley. It was VERY hot; so hot that the flavors were overshadowed by the burning sensation in my mouth... & I omitted some of the spices! I completely omitted the birds eye chilies & I used 1 1/2 (instead of 2) tbls of chili flakes and only 3 (instead of 4) tsp of chili powder. That being said, this has so much potential. Next time I'll use 1 tbs of pepper flakes & 2 tsp of chili powder. I will be making this dish again- pomegranate and shrimp- what a great combination and very appealing visually.

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Mrs.Habu October 28, 2008
Pomegranate Shrimp (Anardana Jheenga)